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Does your sprinkler or drip irrigation system need a repair? It’s pretty obvious if you need a repair, but who’re you going to call? There’s a number of contractors offering the same service, but you never their quality of sprinkler repair work until they actually do it.

At Aquamax, we serve Sunnyvale, TX, and have a reputation for superb irrigation and drip system repair. Here’s what you can research on your own to verify our quality of work:

1. BBB A+ rating and more than 30,000 served. Feel free to review our BBB rating online, or to give them a call. We’ve maintained an A+ rating with them, and we’ve been in business serving Sunnyvale and the DFW Metroplex since 1998.

2. Multiple awards won from reputable organizations. We’ve won the following awards (feel free to these company’s websites, and give them a call to confirm we won the award). It’s important to know you cannot win these awards using friendships, money, or favors.

Instead, they contact as many of our customers as they can, score their feedback, and then hand out awards based on their feedback. Check out the awards we’ve won:

1. Angie’s List Super Service Award (2008-2013)
2. Consumer’s Choice Award (2006-07, and 2012, the only years they gave the award to businesses like ours)
3. Smartguy.com Best Rated and Recommended
4. Rain Bird Gold Select Contractor (awarded for a high degree of professional integrity and water-efficient sprinkler system designs)
5. Member of the Good Contractor’s List
6. Five Star Rating from Home Services Review
7. Best Picks Reports Ribbon Award Winner

3. An endless list of references. On our website, you can find 22 references to call. We have many more – feel free to request them.

4. Many testimonials just like these. Visit the testimonials section of our website to check out 6 video testimonials regarding the quality of our services. There’s many more customers are willing to provide. Again, just ask.

Aquamax Has Earned Its Reputation as a Top Sprinkler & Drip Repair Company by Doing it Right the First Time

“We do it right the first time,” is our operating motto. Here’s what Aquamax does to make sure that happens with all irrigation and drip repair systems:

1. Only licensed, experienced professionals do the work. Our core employees have a combined 100 years of work. And when it comes to sprinkler system repairs, only licensed employees do the work. We do not hire subcontractors – ever.

2. Come in fully stocked vans. Every van has all the possible tools and parts we could need to perform your irrigation or drip system repair. We don’t waste your time running around finding parts and tools.

3. Use only the most reliable, durable and water-efficient sprinkler system parts. This means when we perform sprinkler system repair, we don’t have to come back and fix it again – usually for years. If you use cheap parts, they’ll break sooner and require fixing again. Or worse, a whole new irrigation system installation.

How Do Aquamax’s Sprinkler, Irrigation, & Drip System Repairs Work?

It’s a pretty simple process. One thing we do want you to know is that are quotes for irrigation system repair do have a charge. However, you can apply that charge toward the cost of the irrigation system repair if you have us do the work.

Most repairs cost between $150 – $200 and take 1-2 hours to complete. Your sprinkler, irrigation, or drip system repair may take less or more time and cost more or less, depending on what our licensed professionals find.

Please just understand that, just in case it does cost you more money than you expected.

To have us give you a long-lasting sprinkler system repair, contact Aquamax online, or call us at 972.429.0460.

Aquamax Does Sprinkler, Drip, & Irrigation System Installation Too

Do you know what a drip system does? If you haven’t heard of one before, they have small emitters, about the size of a quarter. These emitters slowly drip water to the roots of larger plants, like those found in your garden. They are not for use on your lawn.

They’re much more effective than sprinkler systems for watering your garden. However, sprinklers are by far the best solution for watering your lawn. But again, you have to install a sprinkler system just right so your lawn stays green and healthy year round.

Here’s what we do to make sure your sprinkler system installation gives your lawn the water it needs:

1. Create a precise computer drawing of your yard and garden. We come check your yard and garden out in person and create a rough sketch. This is then transferred to a computer, where we create a drawing that shows all the zones, exact spacing of the sprinkler nozzles, the right water pressure, and the proper hydraulics to make it all happen. 100% coverage is guaranteed, and your yard and garden stay green and healthy year round.

2. Use water-efficient parts from the best manufacturer in the business: Rain Bird. No one makes longer-lasting and more water-efficient parts than Rain Bird. They’re the best to use for any sprinkler system installation, and we use them on yours.

All new sprinkler system installations come with a 3-year warranty. If anything within our responsibility fails within that timeframe, we’ll fix it for free. You have to be careful because not all companies stand behind their warranties. We back ours – how else do you think we have an A+ BBB rating after serving 30,000 customers?

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