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Aquamax Sprinkler Systems – Providing Sprinkler & Irrigation Repair in Richardson, TX for More than 30,000 Satisfied Customers

We’ve proudly been in business serving Richardson and the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex since 1998. Our employees have a combined experience spanning more than 100 years, so you know you get your project done right, on time, and at the price quoted.

We stand behind the quality of our irrigation and sprinkler repair and installation services. All new sprinkler installations have a 3-year warranty covering parts defects and workmanship. All repairs are guaranteed for 90 days. If a problem occurs within our area of responsibility during these time periods, the cost of the work is on us.

Steps We Take to Give you the Best Sprinkler Repair & System for Your Money
What your sprinkler installation professionals do with your system makes a huge difference in its functioning and the value it provides you and your lawn.

Here are a few things we do to ensure you get the most from yours:

* Eliminate system leaks and the possibility of pipes freezing. Every system has a master valve installed. This reduces the water pressure in the mainline, and leaves almost no water in the system when not in use. As a result, you won’t have to pay for a costly sprinkler repair years in the future.

* 100% coverage guaranteed. Your lawn will be green and healthy all year long. Dry, brown, and dying grass won’t be found because we properly space the heads and nozzles so your lawn has total coverage.

* All irrigation and sprinkler systems are designed with water conservation in mind. Your lawn will have the water it needs to stay green and grow. At the same time, your irrigation system won’t use any more water than necessary. You’ll be doing your part to be kind to the environment and save money at the same time.

* Sprinkler repair is needed less often because we use the best-quality parts. In our experience, Rainbird makes the best sprinkler parts available. No other brand even comes close. Rainbird is known for its reliability, efficiency, and constant desire to innovate and remain the best. We also use water proof wire connectors for all underground wiring that resist corrosion and the damage it causes.
* Wireless rain/freeze sensors shut off the water when needed. You save water when your sprinklers don’t run when it’s raining. And if it’s cold out and water runs through your system and freezes, that can cause major damage which is expensive to repair. You don’t have to worry about those problems with our installations.
* Sprinkler heads resist damage from high impacts. We connect each one to a flex line to reduce the harm caused by an impact. If someone drives over the sprinkler head with their car, the resulting damage will be much less and won’t cost as much to repair.

Why Install a Sprinkler or Drip System in Richardson, TX?
Do you like to wake up shortly after the sun rises and water your lawn? What about doing it again in the evening not too long before the sun sets? Actually, you don’t want to water at night because the water doesn’t get absorbed. Instead, it pools and could cause lawn diseases or fungus to grow.

Then you have to calculate how much water should be distributed, while also being mindful of any local regulations restricting water use.

Sure, some homeowners don’t mind doing this because they love to care for their lawns. But, if you’re like most, you really don’t want to disrupt your daily schedule that much.

A programmable sprinkler or drip system automatically waters your lawn on a set schedule so you don’t have to be mindful of these things. And, if you try to follow a schedule on your own, you might forget and harm the health of your lawn. If it gets damaged, then you may have to pay for additional lawn treatment sometime in the future.

So that’s why most homeowners find themselves turning to programmable sprinkler systems instead of watering their lawn manually.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Sprinkler System in Richardson?
Most homeowners are a little surprised when they find out the cost of installing a new sprinkler system.
It costs between $3000 – $5000 to install a new sprinkler system. The typical system costs about $3500.
But, the convenience of not watering their lawn and consistently good lawn health year-round justifies the price in the minds of many homeowners. Richardson residents who were at first hesitant end up wondering why they didn’t choose to have a sprinkler system installed earlier.

How Long Does Sprinkler & Drip System Installation Take?
It generally takes around a few days, depending on the complexity of your system. One of the most important things you can do is to clearly communicate what you would like from your sprinkler system to Aquamax. And make sure you ask us questions too. That way, you’ll get to know our expertise, and you can feel confident in our ability to design a sprinkler system that helps your lawn stay healthy and green year round.

How Much do Drip & Irrigation System Repairs Cost?
If the repair isn’t covered by one of our warranties, the typical sprinkler or irrigation system repair costs $150 – $200 and takes us 1-2 hours to complete. These are some of the most common sprinkler system problems our licensed technicians repair:

* Your system sprays little to no water
* You notice a leak, an entire area leaking, or large-scale flooding
* The nozzles are clogged and don’t spray water
* Pipes and other parts are broken, causing leaks
* Electrical malfunctions result in the controller not working

If you notice one of these problems or others, it’s important to give Aquamax a call right away. You can lose large amounts of water, which can quickly exceed the cost of the sprinkler or irrigation repair.

Get Your Irrigation Repair Installation Estimate Today!
If you need a repair, we charge $50 for the estimate, but allow you to apply that cost toward the repair if you choose to have us do the work. Aquamax Sprinkler Systems also offers FREE estimates for all new irrigation and sprinkler system installations.

Just call 972-429-0460 today, and let us know how we can help. And if you want, learn more about our company and the Rain Bird products we recommend below:

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