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Aquamax, Mesquite’s Leading Irrigation System Installation and Sprinkler Repair Provider

Don’t take our word for it that we’re the local leader. The truth is our customers have voted us the area’s leading sprinkler and irrigation repair company.

For example, we’ve won many awards for our quality of service. What’s important to know about these awards is the companies who hand them out contact our customers directly for feedback. The information they provide is then scored and compared with the data gathered from other companies providing the same service. Finally, the best sprinkler and irrigation repair businesses receive awards for their high quality of service.

We’ve won the following awards and recognitions:
* 2006, 2007, & 2012 Consumer’s Choice Award Winner
* 2008-13 Angie’s List Super Service Award
* Best Picks Reports Ribbon Award Winner
* A+ Rating from the BBB after serving more than 30,000 customers
* 1 of 2 sprinkler repair companies to make the Good Contractor’s List
* Five Star Rating from Home Services Review

What Differentiates Aquamax from the Competition?
Make no mistake about it. There’s a number of companies in Mesquite that repair sprinkler and irrigation systems.

Why should you choose Aquamax instead of one of our competitors?
To begin with, we have extensive experience. In fact, we’ve been in business since 1998, and our core employees have more than a century of combined experience.

All work done for you is only performed by licensed professionals. Repairs are done exclusively by licensed professionals, while a licensed supervisor oversees all employees who work on new sprinkler system installations.

Our professionals are careful to explain to you every step of the process. If it’s a sprinkler system repair you need, you’ll understand what’s not working, why, and the best approach to making the fix. If you’re having a new sprinkler system installed, we also offer you a 100% coverage guarantee. Finally, when all is said and done, we’ll clean up the mess we make to perfection and charge you a competitive price for the service.

But this isn’t all you get. Every irrigation, drainage, and sprinkler system we install is designed with a focus on water conservation. Not only do you save money over the long-term, but you do your part to help out the environment too. And, your lawn stays healthy at the same time. You won’t find any brown spots.

We do have licensing from the State of Texas (LI0008514). A 90-day warranty is in effect for all sprinkler and irrigation system repairs. As long as your repair fails due to circumstances within our control, we guarantee the quality of the repair. If you have a new system installed, we guarantee its quality for 3 years. Any repairs that need to be made in the meantime, assuming they are due to circumstances within our responsibility, will be made at no charge.

Even though law does not require it, we carry $1 million in general liability insurance. You’re covered just in case a major accident happens.

Finally, we use the best brand available in the market for all systems – Rainbird. In our experience, there’s no company that even comes close in providing the same level of quality. For starters, Rainbird is highly reliable. That means you’ll call us less, and it could be years before you have to call us to make any repairs. Rainbird also has a high dedication to innovation. Currently, they have matched precipitation rate (MPR) nozzles for sprinkler systems that use 30% less water than the nearest competing brand.

Get Your FREE Sprinkler System Installation Estimate Today!
If all this sounds good to you, then give us a call at call 972.616.0460 or click here to contact us online. Estimates for the installation of new irrigation, drainage, and sprinkler systems are FREE.

Repair quotes cost $50, but you can apply the cost of the quote towards the work performed if you choose Aquamax.

DIY Sprinkler, Irrigation, and Drainage System Tips
You can run up quite a water bill and cause more wear and tear on your sprinkler system if you’re not careful. Here are some simple things to do and watch out for:

1. Adjust Heads and Nozzles
Sprinkler heads should point upwards for flat and hilly terrain. If you’ll be watering on a downhill slope, they should point downwards in the direction of the slope.

2. Use Drip Irrigation for Plant Beds
“Drip irrigation” is the technical term we use to describe low volume irrigation. The primary concern here is to use the appropriate drip emitters for your plants, and to place them in the most suitable location. They should sit around the perimeter of your trees and shrubs. You can also use small spray devices for flower beds. There’s an array of other attachments that connect to the main drip line which can be used for specific watering applications.

3. When You First Use Your Sprinkler System in Spring…
You need to flush it out. During the cooler winter months, small rodents and insects may decide your sprinkler or irrigation system would be the perfect place to live. Debris can also accumulate when your system isn’t in use.

So, it’s important to flush your system. All you have to do is open the drip tubes, remove all the sprinkler heads on the pipes, and turn on the water.

4. After Flushing, Check for Full Coverage and Leaks
Now it’s time to close the drip tubes and place the sprinkler heads back on the pipes. Next, turn your sprinkler system on, and see how everything’s working. If you have any clogged sprinkler nozzles or emitters, replace them. Don’t clean them, because you can scratch them, which changes up the spray pattern. That could lead to dry spots and brown grass. Also, make sure you inspect the entire system for leaks.

And if you feel overwhelmed by all of this, you can always contact Aquamax Sprinkler Systems and let us do the work for you. If you’re anywhere in the Mesquite or DFW area, simply call 972.616.0460, and let us know whether you need a sprinkler, irrigation, or drip system repair or installation!

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