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An A+ BBB Rating and More than 30,000 Satisfied Customers – Aquamax Sprinkler Systems

It’s no coincidence that we’ve been in business since 1998 and have been able to become one of the leading sprinkler repair companies in Lewisville. Aquamax has won numerous awards, including:

* Angie’s List Super Service Award 2008-2013
* Consumer Choice Award Winner 2006-2007, 2012 (The only years they gave the award to sprinkler repair companies)
* Good Contractor’s List member
* Best Picks Reports Ribbon Award Winner
* Five Star Rating from Home Services Review
* SmartGuy.com Best Rated and Recommended

It’s important to note you cannot buy these awards or win them based on who you know. Instead, they each follow their own unique process of talking with customers who have been serviced by our company and other similar businesses. Based on the customer feedback, they issue each company a score. The best-scoring companies win an award, so the award really is based on who provides the best service to consumers.

What Lewisville Residents Love about Aquamax
What are we doing that makes us so great in the eyes of more than 30,000 customers? People just love how we:

* Perfectly clean your property up when work is completed
* Clearly explain what needs to be repaired or installed
* Guarantee that your lawn gets 100% coverage
* Treat you with courtesy throughout our entire working relationship
* Charge you a competitive price for the work performed

That’s why we’ve gotten so many testimonials from ecstatic customers just like K.M.:
“From the beginning to the end, the system was installed with a great deal of professionalism. It works great, and Tony and his crew left the yard in a very neat and clean condition.”

To top it off, we offer regular monthly specials – make sure you visit that page to check out the updated deals!
Get the Best Lawn on the Block when You Choose Aquamax!

You might think irrigation system installation is fairly simple and straightforward. It certainly can be that way, but at Aquamax we take the process very seriously. That’s the only way you can be sure you’re going to have a green and healthy lawn year round.

When you contact us to have a new sprinkler or drainage system installed, we come out to your home to understand the exact configuration of your lawn. Once we’ve taken the necessary measurements, we create a computer drawing of your lawn. This helps our licensed professionals understand the number of zones needed, the proper water pressure for each, the number and spacing of the sprinkler heads, and the hydraulic calculations needed to make your sprinkler system work.

Our core employees have a combined experience of more than 100 years evaluating lawns. This makes the process fast, smooth, and cost-effective for you. You definitely will have a properly watered lawn with 100% coverage.

During the sprinkler system installation process, a licensed professional oversees all installers. Every system gets a master valve, which reduces the pressure on the main line, eliminating the possibility of leaks. This also leaves little water in the main line, which means it won’t freeze and experience damage during the cooler months.

And we only use the highest quality parts in the industry. We always recommend using Rainbird because their parts are by far the most reliable. Rainbird also has incredibly efficient parts for drip systems. Their MPR sprinkler nozzle uses 30% less water than the next leading competitor. You’ll save water, have a lower bill, and you won’t have to perform as many repairs as you would if you used another company’s products.

Why Should You Have a Sprinkler System Installed?
The best time to water your lawn is in the morning just after the sun rises. If you water your lawn during the late evening, most of the water does not get absorbed. This leaves your lawn vulnerable to fungus and other diseases. If you water your lawn during the day, the sun evaporates much of the water, and you end up wasting it. Do you really want to wake up just after the sun rises to water your lawn?

And if you use a hose or manual sprinklers to do the watering, you’re not necessarily giving your lawn the full coverage and amount of water it needs. Eventually, this can lead to a brown, dry lawn and lawn disease. It costs you a fair amount of money to cure these conditions and get your lawn green and healthy again.

Programmable sprinkler systems give your lawn full coverage and correct amount of water. And once you have your system programmed, you can completely forget about watering your lawn and just enjoy its beauty instead.

While homeowners are often hesitant to have a sprinkler system installed, we’ve found most wonder why they haven’t done so sooner after they have us install a sprinkler system.

Winter Watering Tips
Yes, you do need to water your lawn during the winter. In fact, in most cases it’s much drier during the winter than it is during the summer. On average, it’s important to water your lawn about once per week during the winter months. Programmable irrigation systems even come with rain and freeze sensors.

These sensors detect when it’s raining and then refrain from watering your lawn. When it’s freezing out, they reduce the water pressure so water doesn’t get sprayed on the sidewalks. That way, you’re protected from falling on the sidewalk, or from experiencing a lawsuit if someone else falls.

Get Your FREE Sprinkler, Irrigation, or Drip System Installation Estimate Today!
All Lewisville residents get a FREE estimate when considering a new sprinkler, irrigation, or drip system installation. The typical installation can run up to $5000, but the average cost is $3500.

We also perform sprinkler system repairs, and estimates for those cost $50. But, if you have us do the work, we’ll apply the cost of the estimate toward the cost of the repair.

To get your FREE installation estimate, or to have us tell you what repair needs to be performed, call 972.429.0460 orcontact Aquamax Sprinkler Systems online.

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