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“We get it right the first time!” You won’t have to call Aquamax back to fix the work we just did.
Why choose us when you could work with so many other irrigation repair and installation contractors out there? Several reasons:

1. We have the experience to do your work right, fast, on-time, and within your budget. We’ve been in business since 1998 and our core employees have more than 100 years of combined experience. None of your work is ever subcontracted out, and it always gets performed or checked by an experienced, licensed technician.

2. All irrigation systems last long, and require minimal maintenance. Our new irrigation system installations use only the best parts from Rain Bird. No other company even comes close. You get the most reliable, durable, and efficient irrigation system parts. This means we have to come back and make repairs much less often than the typical irrigation system installer.

3. Every irrigation installation saves you money by focusing on water conservation. Our licensed technicians create a computer drawing to make sure your irrigation installation uses the right nozzles, head spacing, and water pressure. This means you use enough water to keep your lawn and garden green and healthy, and that’s it.

4. Leaks and frozen pipes do not happen. A master valve is installed with every new irrigation system. This takes the pressure off the main line, which eliminates the possibility of leaks. During winter, only a minimal amount of water remains in the pipes. If freezing occurs, it’s not enough water to freeze, expand, and burst the pipes.

5. Your lawn stays green and healthy – you never get dry spots. When our licensed technicians create a computer drawing of your yard, the goals are to conserve water and ensure 100% coverage. Brown and dying grass, fungus, and lawn diseases result when you don’t design your sprinkler system to cover your lawn fully. We guarantee full coverage, and as long as you don’t change anything with your sprinkler system, your lawn and garden should remain green and healthy.

6. You get a 3-year warranty on new irrigation system installations and 90-day warranty on all irrigation repair projects. It’s very rare that any irrigation system we install or repair experiences problems within the timeframe of the warranty. However, if something within our responsibility does happen, you’re covered.

7. Competitive pricing – $3500 for new sprinkler system installations. The average system costs $3000 – $5000, with the most common cost being about $3500. As you talk to different contractors, you’ll find higher and lower prices. New irrigation installations usually take 1 day, while bigger jobs take 2 days. For irrigation and sprinkler repair, most jobs take 1-2 hours to finish and cost around $150 – $200.

8. We’ve won awards from many respected industry organizations. Besides the Angie’s List Super Service Award, we’ve also won awards for our sprinkler and irrigation system repair from the following organizations:

* Consumer Reports
* Best Contractor’s List
* Rain Bird
* Home Services Review
* Best Picks
* SmartGuy.com
* Good Contractor’s List

To determine the award winners, these organizations get feedback from many company’s customers. The feedback is scored. Then, companies with the best scores get awards. You cannot purchase these awards or win them by knowing the right people!

How to Care for Your Lawn in Keller, TX
Once you have your new sprinkler, irrigation, or drip system installed, here are some guidelines to help you care for your lawn from the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality:

* Lawn and garden watering take up 40% of summer water use – ask Aquamax for recommendations on programming your sprinkler system for the most efficient water use.

* Use drip irrigation where possible, as it’s slow and precise in delivering water to your plants.

* Water in the morning between 4-6 a.m. because the water will not get absorbed by the sun’s heat during the middle of the day.

* Practice grasscycling, which is leaving your clippings to decompose into soil. This reduces your need for watering, and also makes your lawn greener and tougher. But, the key is to mow your lawn at the right height. Set your mower to cut at a height of 2 inches, and always cut your grass before it’s 3 inches tall to ensure the clippings don’t overwhelm and damage your grass.

* If you don’t want to practice grasscycling, instead compost or mulch your grass clippings. It also helps reduce your watering needs by 30-60%.

* Use the appropriate amount of pesticides and fertilizers. The average homeowner uses more pesticide per acre than farmers do. Excess pesticide use causes water pollution. Either use a nontoxic pesticide, or precisely follow the chemical pesticide’s directions.

* If planting new grass, use the best kind according to its intended use. Turf grasses need more water and maintenance than other types of grass, for example. Aquamax also does lawn installation, so we can help you with this as well.

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