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We have been in business since 1998, and now have served more than 30,000, and have an A+ BBB rating to show for it. We save you time, money, stress, and hassle because we do it right the first time. You won’t have to call us to come back and make a repair months from now.

And if that situation does happen, you are covered with a 3-year warranty on all new sprinkler system installations and a 90-day warranty on all repairs. It’s rare this ever happens, but we want you to be covered, just in case something does go wrong.

Why Should You Install a Sprinkler or Irrigation System?

If you’re concerned with keeping all parts of your lawn green and healthy year round, a programmable lawn irrigation system makes perfect sense.

Consider how you water your lawn right now. You might walk around holding the hose. You might also set up a sprinkler and move it every few minutes in the evening.

That’s better than doing nothing at all, but there are several problems with watering your lawn that way:

– Do you really feel like holding the hose or moving the sprinklers every day?
– You’re not giving all areas of your lawn the amount of water needed to grow. Have you ever noticed brown and dry spots during the middle of summer?
– If you water in the evening, did you know water doesn’t dry as well? This causes it to pool, which results in harmful fungi growing and damaging your lawn.
– You waste water. An irrigation system is designed to deliver water to your lawn with absolute precision. You help the environment and save money.
– You’re not watering at the best time of day, 4-6 a.m. At this time, generally there’s less wind to blow the water to the wrong area. Also, the sun isn’t as hot and doesn’t evaporate as much water. And, your lawn has enough time to dray so mildew and fungus can’t grow.

We haven’t met anyone who wants to wake up at 4-6 in the morning and water their lawn.

That’s why it works best to have a programmable lawn irrigation system installed. Our irrigation systems:

– Are programmed to turn on automatically. They’ll water your lawn at the best time of day – the early morning.
– Conserve water. Yes, your sprinkler system installation uses water. But we design it to use as little as possible to keep your lawn green and healthy year round.
– Are highly durable and reliable. We use only the best parts, which are made by Rain Bird. Their parts are more reliable and water-efficient than any others available.
– Resist damage from powerful impacts. All systems have a flex line installed, which gives when hit by a high-powered force. An example would be backing over it with your car.
– Do not leak or freeze. We install a master valve on all irrigation systems. This takes much of the water pressure off the main line, eliminating leaks. It also reduces the amount of water left in the main line when not in use, eliminating the chances of frozen pipes in winter.
– Are custom built to meet your lawn and garden’s precise watering requirements. Our licensed professionals survey your lawn firsthand and design specific zones so each area gets the perfect amount of water.

Why Let Aquamax Perform Your Next Irrigation, Sprinkler, or Drip System Installation or Repair

We have an exceptional reputation in Fairview, TX and the entire DFW metroplex. The BBB has given us an A+ rating – and we’ve served over 30,000 customers. In addition, we’ve won these awards for service excellence:

– 2008-13 Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner
– 2006-07, 2012 Consumer Choice Award Winner – the only 3 years they give this award to businesses like ours
– Best Rated and Recommended by SmartGuy.com
– Best Pick Reports Ribbon Award Winner
– Five Star Rating from Home Services Review
– Rain Bird Gold Select Contractor

You cannot buy these awards or win them by influencing the right people. Instead, these companies contact as many of our customers as they can and score their feedback. If the scores are high enough to beat competing companies, we win the award.

We also:

– Have highly experienced employees. Our core employees have a combined 100 years of experience performing sprinkler, irrigation, and drip system installation and repair. We do it right and fast, saving you time, money, stress, and hassle.
– Only let licensed technicians supervise or do the work. For all repairs, only licensed professionals do the hands-on dirty work. For new irrigation system installations, a licensed professional supervises the entire installation process.
– Guarantee 100% coverage of your lawn. There’s no doubt about it – your lawn will have the water it needs to stay green and healthy year round.
– Clean up our mess completely. All trenches are filled and your yard, driveway, and sidewalk are left better than we found them.

Does Your Garden Need a Drip System Installation?

Sprinkler system installations are not the best solution for watering your garden. You may see some people using them, but the problem is the water doesn’t get to your plants roots.

Bigger plants with broad leaves block the water. The sprinkler throws the water densely nearest the head, but then the water volume rapidly declines as the distance from the sprinkler head increases. You waste water. Your plant’s health is put in jeopardy.

And if you need a drip, irrigation, or sprinkler system repair, we can do that too. The average repair costs $150 – $200 and takes 1-2 hours to perform. Your repair may take more or less time, depending on what we find.

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