Sprinkler, Drip Irrigation and Drainage system Installation and Repair Euless

Get Your Sprinkler System Doing All the Work for You Once Again!

Do you need a sprinkler system repair made?

Maybe you’ve noticed one of those obvious signs that you need a sprinkler repair, like:

– Almost no water spraying out of one or more sprinkler nozzles
– Flooding in one or more zones
– Sprinkler heads that don’t pop up
– Your sprinkler system does not activate when programmed to
– A broken pipe

Or maybe you’re affected by one of those more subtle sprinkler system problems:

– Minor leaks
– You don’t have head-to-head coverage in one or more zones
– Someone installed the wrong heads on your sprinkler system in the first place
– Incorrect spray patterns
– Your sprinkler system operates during normal daylight hours

If you notice any of these problems, or something else out of the ordinary with your lawn irrigation or drip system installation, it’s time for a repair!

But Who Can You Trust to Perform a Quality Sprinkler System Repair?

If you look around for a sprinkler repair contractor in Euless and the DFW metroplex, you’ll find several companies offering the service. Why trust Aquamax with your sprinkler repair instead of all the others?

Several reasons:

1. A+ rating from the BBB after serving more than 30,000. We’ve been in business serving Euless, TX and the DFW metroplex since 1998. After having served more than 30,000 customers, we still have a perfect A+ rating from the BBB. Feel free to visit their website, or call them to check out our rating yourself!

2. Multiple awards won from reputable industry organizations. Many reputable industry organizations have given us awards for our excellent irrigation system repair service and professional integrity. Not that you cannot win these awards by the power of influence. Rather, these companies contact as many of your customers as they can, score their feedback, and then give awards to the top-scoring companies. So, they are a legitimate measure of the quality of a company’s services.

Some of the awards we’ve won include:

1. Angie’s List Super Service Award (2008-13)
2. Gold Select Contractor, as Awarded by Rain Bird (The award is given for a high degree of professional integrity and very water-efficient sprinkler system designs).
3. Member of the Good Contractor’s List
4. Best Rated & Recommended by SmartGuy.com
5. Home Services Review Five Star Rating
6. Consumer’s Choice Award Winner (2006-07 & 2012, the only three years they gave the award to businesses in our category)
7. Best Picks Reports Ribbon Award Winner

Feel free to call any of these companies regarding our irrigation repair services, and they’ll be happy to confirm to you that we won these awards.

3. 22 willing to serve as references on our website. View the references section of our website. There are many more – just ask our professionals in person to speak with them.

4. Many testimonials provided for our services. Just check out the testimonials section of our website. There you’ll find 6 video and 6 written testimonials regarding the quality of our sprinkler repair services.

5. We use only the highest quality parts. Yes, this does cost you a little more up-front, but over the long-term you spend less money and have less stress and hassle. That’s because we only use Rain Bird parts for all sprinkler and drip system repairs, and their parts are the best in the industry.

The next leading manufacturer’s parts are not even close. For example, Rain Bird’s MPR sprinkler nozzle is 30% more water-efficient than the next leading nozzle.

6. You get a 90-day warranty on all irrigation and drip system repairs. You have to be careful because warranties are only good if the company actually honors them. We honor our warranties – how else do you think we’ve been able to get an A+ rating with the BBB and win so many awards for high-quality sprinkler repair service?

7. Only licensed professionals do the work. We do not hire subcontractors. Only licensed irrigation and drip system repair professionals do your work. Our core employees have a combined experience of greater than 100 years – every sprinkler repair is in good hands.

We do charge for all sprinkler system repair quotes, but you can apply that cost toward the charge for the irrigation repair if you have us do the work. Most irrigation and drip system repairs cost between $150 – $200 and take 1-2 hours of work to complete. Please understand that those are averages – your irrigation repair could cost more or less and take longer or shorter to perform, depending on what our licensed technicians find.

Aquamax Offers Drainage Repair Too!

Got a drainage system causing you problems? We can repair those too.

Do you know what yours is for?

It diverts the flow of water away from your home’s foundation, so it doesn’t crack, bend, or bow. If your foundation gets too damp and begins to bend or bow, you could pay up to $5,000, $10,000, or even more to have it repaired!

It’s best to have a working drainage system in place at all times.

We do not install drainage systems, but we can repair yours if it’s experiencing problems.

Need a Sprinkler, Irrigation, or Drip System Repair? Contact Aquamax Today!

Our repairs have a 90-day warranty, last for years, and get done right the first time, ever time.

Sound good to you?

Good, contact Aquamax online.

And remember to visit our website regularly and check out all our monthly specials.

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