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Want the Greenest Lawn in Your Neighborhood – Without Doing Any of the Work?

It sounds like an outlandish promise, but it’s actually very true. A programmable irrigation system installation waters your lawn with precision perfection year-round, allowing it to grow green and healthy.

And it’s not very hard to understand how it works. Here’s what usually happens:

If you’re like most homeowners, you water your lawn holding a hose or by attaching it to a sprinkler device of some kind. Then, you have to move the attached device around a few times. When you hold the hose, you walk around and water your lawn as best you can.

But, do you really know how much water each area of your lawn got? It’s impossible to tell, and you really only find out later in the summer when different areas of your lawn turn brown. Then, it costs you extra money to buy the treatments (or hire someone to do them) that get your lawn back to normal once again.

It’s a boring, imprecise process that consumes your time and money. Do you really want to spend your life watering your lawn?

With programmable irrigation and drip system installations:

1. You never have to hold your hose or move the sprinkler. In fact, you never have to think about your sprinkler, lawn irrigation, or drip system at all. An electronic control unit can be set so your lawn gets watered automatically, just like your thermostat controls your indoor temperature.

2. Your lawn gets the exact amount of water it needs. You don’t have to guess at this. Aquamax’s licensed irrigation system installation technicians draft a rough sketch of your lawn and garden and create a precision computer drawing based on the layout. This allows us to use the right sprinkler nozzle spacing, water pressure, and hydraulics to ensure your lawn has 100% perfect coverage.

3. Your lawn always gets watered at the best time of day – 4-6 AM. This is the best time to water your lawn because the sun isn’t so high that it’s going to evaporate most of the water (like it would during the day). If you water during the first dark of the night, the water can pool because your grass’s roots don’t absorb it as readily as it does during the day. If you let the water pool, harmful mildew or fungi can grow, which damages your lawn.

4. Your lawn stays green and healthy year round. To keep your lawn growing healthily, you should be fertilizing it 4 times per year. But, with a programmable irrigation system, you never have to think about any of the watering all year long. That’s a lot of time and work saved, while you simply enjoy your healthy lawn and garden!

But Not All Irrigation System Installations are Made the Same…

The quality you get varies widely from one contractor to another. You’ve bought something in the past where you paid less for it than you could have, right? And then what happened? Usually, that product wears out or breaks much earlier than the more costly one would.

You realize you would have been better off just paying a little more up front.

It works the same way with programmable sprinkler systems. Price is important, so you should consider it, but don’t make it your primary concern. And just so you know, most new sprinkler system installations run around $3500, and the typical range is $3000 – $5000.

Our sprinkler and drip system installations are a cut above the rest because:

1. You do less maintenance and perform fewer repairs over the long run. Our sprinkler system installations use the most reliable, durable, and water-efficient parts in the industry. Rain Bird makes what are the best sprinkler system parts available. No other manufacturer even comes close. Their MPR sprinkler nozzle, for example, uses 30% less water than the next leading sprinkler nozzle. Yes, you do pay more up front, but you save over the long-term.

2. Its proven we do high-quality work. We’ve provided sprinkler system installations for more than 30,000 customers and have been rewarded with an A+ rating with the BBB. Angie’s List, Consumer’s Choice, Best Picks Reports, Home Services Review, Rain Bird, and Smartguy.com have all given us awards for the quality of our irrigation and drip system installation services.

It’s important to know that you cannot buy these awards. They legitimately reflect the quality of our service because each company contacts our customers directly and scores their feedback. The sprinkler system installation companies with the highest scores then receive awards.

Feel free to contact any of these organizations to check up on us.

Also check the references section of our website – there’s more than 20 there for you to contact. And we have plenty more you can call if you’d like.

3. They do not leak or freeze. A master valve is outfitted in every sprinkler, irrigation, and drip system installation. This takes the pressure off the main line, which eliminates the chances of leaks. It also leaves almost no water in the main line, which eliminates the chance of freezing and bursting pipes.

4. Your system will not water in the rain or freezing temperatures. We install a wireless rain/freeze sensor in every system to make this happen.

5. 3-year warranty on all new sprinkler system installations. In the rare event something goes wrong with one of our new installations, you’re covered. As long as its within our responsibility and within the 3-year timeframe, we’ll make the repair for free.

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