A well-designed and professionally-installed sprinkler system will do wonders for your lawn, and your summer evenings. Some homeowners are reluctant to install one, however, when they first see the price tag. The average system costs $3,500 with an overall range of $3000-$5,000. If this price surprises you, you’re not alone. But you should also know that many homeowners realized their sprinkler system was worth every penny, including several that noted they wished they had installed the system earlier.

Project Length

As a further testament to the deceptive complexity of a sprinkler system, there’s a good chance it will take a professional sprinkler system contractor a few days to install your system. To make sure things go smoothly once the work begins, you’ll want to talk to several different contractors and clearly communicate what you want to the contractor you hire. Have the contractor explain how your sprinkler system will work and how it delivers uniform irrigation to your lawn. This explanation will help you get to know the contractor and feel confident in the sprinkler system itself. No system lasts forever so this explanation may also help troubleshoot problems in the system many years down the line.

Don’t forget that just because its winter you still need to water your lawn and foundation. You should probably water about once a week in North Texas this time of year. And, If you don’t already have one get a rain/freeze sensor. Not only will it save you money by skipping watering cycles when it rains but it will also protect you from injury and lawsuits by not  allowing water to coat sidewalks and streets during freezing weather.