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Save Time & Money & Help the Environment with a New Sprinkler System Installation

When most homeowners see how the new sprinkler system installation we design them makes their lawn green and healthy, they wonder why they didn’t install one sooner. Yes, you do have to pay an upfront cost, but a new sprinkler system installation:

– Waters 100% of your lawn with the exact amount of water it needs
– Delivers the water at the best times of day (primarily in the early morning)
– Is programmed to do all of this automatically so you don’t have to spend any time watering your lawn yourself
– Has a high degree of water efficiency, so you don’t waste any water and harm the environment

But, you can’t have just anyone perform a new sprinkler system installation for you. Not all sprinkler systems are made the same. You get more value for some, and less for others.

What’s different about the sprinkler systems Aquamax installs?

Several things:

1. 100% coverage guaranteed. You won’t have to worry at all. Our sprinkler system installations cover your entire lawn and garden. To guarantee this happens, we visit your home in person and create a rough sketch of the configuration of your yard and garden.

Then, our licensed technicians create a computer drawing. This drawing shows us exactly where to place the lines and sprinkler nozzles so we know your yard is covered. It also ensures the right amount of water gets delivered.

2. They last longer and require less maintenance than other sprinkler systems. We use only the highest quality parts to build your system. Rain Bird makes the best sprinkler system parts, and the next leading competitor isn’t even close.

We also install flex lines, which give a little when a high impact is experienced. So if you accidentally drive over your irrigation system installation with your car, the lines aren’t going to break or bend permanently right away.

Every system also uses silicon-sealed, underground-rated wire connectors. They resist corrosion, which causes damage that’s expensive to repair.

3. All systems are designed with water conservation in mind. Rain Bird has given us an award for our high-efficiency sprinkler system installations. We’re a Gold Select Contractor. Every system we design for you uses water as efficiently as possible. There’s almost no waste.

4. Our irrigation system installations do not leak or freeze. Every system has a master valve installed. This takes most of the water pressure off the mainline, which eliminates the chances of leaks happening. It also leaves almost no water in the main line when it’s not in use. That eliminates the possibility of frozen, bursting pipes during cooler months.

5. A 3-year warranty covers you, just in case. All new sprinkler and lawn irrigation system installations include a 3-year warranty. Remember, a warranty is only as good as the company standing behind it. We’ve won awards for service excellence from Angie’s List, Rain Bird, Consumer Choice, and other organizations partly due to the fact we honor our warranties.

Our warranty covers your sprinkler or lawn irrigation system installation if anything within our responsibility goes wrong within the 3-year time period.

How Much Does a New Irrigation System Installation Cost?

Although price is important, it shouldn’t be the primary factor you consider. If you pay a very low price that seems too good to be true, it is in fact too good to be true. While you pay less up front for your irrigation system installation, you’ll pay more in the long run because the contractor will have to cut corners to make the price work.

So, it makes much more sense to pay a competitive price for your sprinkler or irrigation system installation right away. Then, you don’t have to call your contractor back multiple times to fix the work he originally did.

We can’t give you a precisely accurate quote for your sprinkler system installation without looking at your lawn or garden. However, we can say the most common cost is $3500, while new installations range from $3000 – $5000.

Aquamax Also Offers Repair Sprinkler & Irrigation System Repair, Drip System Installations, Drainage Repair, and Lawn Installation

We serve Colleyville, TX, and the entire DFW metroplex. Here’s how each of those services works:

1. Drip system installation and repair: Drip systems use small, quarter-sized emitters to slowly drip water directly to the roots of your plants. They’re much more efficient and effective for water plants in your garden. Sprinkler systems throw the water all over. While that works well for your lawn, not all plants in your garden will get the water they need.

2. Drainage repair: We do not install drainage systems, but we do repair drainage systems. They’re used to divert the flow of water away from your home’s foundation, so you don’t need to repair it.

3. Lawn installation: Just like it sounds, we can install new lawn on your property. If you have a new home, or if you don’t have the patience to repair your lawn using consistent watering and lawn treatments, installing a new one from scratch can be a good option.

4. Sprinkler, irrigation, & drip system repair: Whatever goes wrong, we can get it fixed. You get a 90-day warranty on all irrigation and drip system repairs. Our licensed technicians do all the work themselves. We do not hire subcontractors. And, our pros always come in a fully-stocked van so they don’t have to waste your time and money buying parts or tools.

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