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Save Time, Money, Stress, & Hassle with Experienced & Professional Irrigation System Repair & Installation

When choosing an irrigation installation and repair company in Celina, you have a number of different options. You can go with the high priced, competitively priced, or low priced contractor. At Aquamax, we are competitively priced, delivering you maximum value for the dollars you spend with us.

You don’t have to supervise us like you would an employee at work. We give you an estimate, show up on time, and get the work done at the price quoted. If you have questions, we’ll get to them right away. Most new irrigation system installations take about a day to complete, but some more complex installations take two days.

We take great care to ensure you have the right irrigation system precisely installed to meet your grass’ and plant’s watering needs. All trenches we make to install the sprinkler and irrigation system lines are neatly backfilled.

When the job’s complete, we clean your yard, driveway, and sidewalk so they look just the way they did before we began work.

Why Have a New Sprinkler or Irrigation System Installation?

Imagine what your life would be like without ever having to think about watering your lawn and garden again. You don’t have to interrupt your daily schedule to water the lawn early in the morning or later in the evening. You don’t have to sit outside, holding the hose. You don’t have to move the sprinkler every 10-15 minutes or so.

Have you ever noticed that despite your best efforts, sometimes you still notice dry, brown spots? Or, your lawn might be affected by fungus or mildew.

Lawn treatments that fix these issues cost a lot.

These situations happen because of manual watering techniques. When you have a programmable sprinkler or lawn irrigation system installed properly, your lawn stays green and healthy year round.

All you have to do is program the irrigation system, and then let it do the rest of the work.

What’s So Special about Aquamax’s Irrigation System Installations?

Ours are a little different than others, and the additional value they provide is one of the main reasons we have an A+ rating with the BBB after having served 30,000 customers. This is what makes our sprinkler and irrigation systems unique:

Custom designed to your lawn and garden’s unique configuration. We offer a FREE quote. When you call us, our licensed and experienced professionals visit your home and sketch out the exact configuration of your yard and garden. You may need several zones for your sprinkler system to water all areas of your lawn well. You might also need a drip system installed in your garden.

Once our licensed professionals have a sketch of your yard and garden, we create a computer drawing to develop the final layout of your sprinkler system. This drawing shows us the exact water pressure, all the necessary zones, the right hydraulics, and the planting areas your lawn and garden need.

100% coverage guaranteed. This precise computer drawing ensures your sprinkler or irrigation system installation covers your entire lawn and garden, as you requested. It’s our guarantee.

All irrigation systems are designed with water conservation as a priority. Our sprinkler and irrigation systems do use water, but they use the bare minimum your lawn needs to stay green and healthy. Rain Bird has identified us as a Gold Select Contractor, which means we design highly water-efficient sprinkler systems, and also conduct our business with a high degree of integrity.

Chances of leaks, and frozen, bursting pipes are eliminated. Every irrigation and sprinkler system installation involves the use of a master valve. This takes much of the pressure off the main line, which eliminates the chances of leaks. It also leaves very little water in the pipes when not in use, which eliminates the chance of frozen and bursting pipes.

Use of only the highest quality parts. We use Rain Bird parts for all sprinkler and irrigation system installations and repairs. That’s because they’re the most reliable, durable, and water-efficient parts available. The competition doesn’t even come close. This saves you maintenance, money, stress, and hassle over the long-term.

Resist damage from high impacts. Flex lines are used, which give a little when hit by a high impact. Think of your car running over the piping. Instead of a broken or permanently bent pipe, your piping bends a little, but doesn’t break. It saves you a repair.

Need an Irrigation or Drip System Repair? We Do that Too!

Whatever maintenance is required for your sprinkler, drip, or irrigation system, we can do the job. Irrigation and drip system repairs typically take 1-2 hours to complete, and cost around $150 – $200. Your repair could cost more or less, depending on what our professionals find.

We do charge to quote your sprinkler or drip system repair, but you can apply the cost of the quote toward the cost of the job if you have us do the work.

We also repair drainage systems (but do not install them), and perform lawn installation as well.

Get Your FREE Irrigation or Drip System Installation Quote Today!

We’re an award-winning sprinkler repair and installation company. Organizations like Rain Bird, Angie’s List, Best Pick Reports, Consumer’s Choice, and SmartGuy.com have given us awards for excellent service.

We’re happy to check out your lawn and garden, answer your questions, and let you know how much your drip or irrigation system installation will cost. The most frequent cost is $3500, with the range being $3000 – $5000. Your installation may cost more or less depending on what we find.

We service Celina, TX, and the entire DFW metroplex.

Call 972.429.0460 or contact us online.

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