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Aquamax Sprinkler Systems – Irrigation System Repair for Carrollton Residents

Is your lawn or irrigation system experiencing one of these problems:
* Dry brown spots in some areas
* The water doesn’t spray far enough
* Your lawn has some diseases or fungus in certain areas
* The sprinkler heads leak water
* The control units malfunction and your lawn doesn’t get watered properly
* Water constantly runs and does not shut off
* Some zones won’t stop watering at all
* The sprinkler heads do not pop up like they should
* Pipes or other parts are broken

If you notice any of these happening on your lawn or with your irrigation system, your sprinkler system needs a repair.

Aquamax Sprinkler Systems’ Licensed Professionals Quickly Diagnose & Repair Your Irrigation, Sprinkler, or Drip System
With a combined experience of more than 100 years, our professionals can quickly troubleshoot any sprinkler system problem. The repair gets done fast, on-time, and at a competitive price. The typical repair takes 1-2 hours to diagnose and costs $150 – $200. Your repair could cost more or less depending on the unique circumstances surrounding it.

Why Trust Aquamax to Perform Your Drip System Repair?
You have a number of irrigation repair contractors in Carrollton you could choose to do the job. Although price is very important, it’s generally best not to go with the cheapest bidder because you’ll have to make the repair again in a few years. You save money now, but lose it over the long-term.

At Aquamax Sprinkler Systems, Carrollton residents trust us to make a quality repair every time. We have an A+ BBB rating and have served more than 30,000 customers – feel free to check us out at the BBB’s website. We also have a number of good reviews on many sites across the internet, like this one from Bob B. at Thumbtack.com:

“Chilo and his crew did a great job at installing our sprinkler system. They were very professional and explained everything to us in terms we could understand. They also cleaned up very well.”

Besides great reviews, we’ve won a number of awards from different reputable organizations for our outstanding service. These companies don’t have any interaction with us. They get in touch with as many of our customers as possible, talk to our competitor’s customers, and then score the feedback they receive. The companies with the best scores win an award.

Here are some of the awards we’ve won:
* 5-time Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner from 2008-2013
* 3-Time Consumer’s Choice Award Winner 2006-2007 and 2012 – the only year they gave out the award to businesses in our category.
* Five Star Rating from Home Services Review
* Rainbird Gold Select Contractor
* Smartguy.com Best Rated and Recommended

Aquamax Walks You Through the Process
Believe it or not, sprinkler repairs and new drip system installations can be quite complex. Our customers love how we make the process simple for them to understand. Besides treating you with the highest level of professional courtesy, you’ll also like how we clean up your yard, guarantee that it gets 100% coverage, and charge you a competitive price for the work.

To make sure that you get the best service, we only have our licensed professionals do the work. No work is ever subcontracted. We are a Texas Licensed Irrigator (LI0008514), and carry $1 million in general liability insurance. Insurance is not required, and we’ve never had to use it, but it’s there for your protection just in case of an accident.

All repairs are guaranteed for 90 days. If they fail within that timeframe for any reason within our responsibility, we’ll come out and fix them for free.

All Sprinkler & Drip Systems in Carrollton Designed with Water Conservation in Mind
You want to help the environment and save money, right? Aquamax helps you do that by designing all new sprinkler systems to use water as efficiently as possible.

We’ll come out to your house and measure the size and configuration of your yard. Then, we take the measurements and create a computer drawing of your property.

This helps us make important calculations like determining the water pressure, the number and spacing of the sprinkler heads, and how many zones are required. When it’s time to actually install your sprinkler system, we use the most water-efficient parts available. Some of those include:

* Matched precipitation nozzles, which mimic rainfall. Rainbird’s nozzles use 30% less water than the next leading competitor.
* Using rotor heads for larger lawn sizes
* Rain and freeze sensors that control water flow during rainy and freezing weather conditions
* Moisture sensors that check the water levels of your lawn
* Smart controllers that calculate when and how much water to deliver
* Using drip irrigation where appropriate

Besides water conservation, we also only use the best quality products and parts. Rainbird is not only noted for its efficiency, but also for its reliability. In our experience, no other company comes even close in terms of quality. All wire connectors are water proof, silicon-sealed, and rated for underground use. Regular wire connectors are susceptible to corrosion, which causes damage and forces you to make costly repairs.

How Long Does It Take to Install a New Sprinkler System?
Generally, it takes a few days to install the typical system. It could take shorter or longer depending on the layout of your yard.

It costs between $3000 – $5000 to install a new irrigation system, with most systems costing about $3500. However, your yard may be different and could cost more or less.

When all the work is done, your yard, driveway, and sidewalk are left in better condition than when we arrived.

We offer FREE estimates for all new installations. You’ll know how much your system will cost, and approximately how long it could take to install.

To get your FREE estimate, call Aquamax at 972.429.0460 or contact us online.

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