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Is Your Lawn the Greenest in Your Neighborhood?

It takes lots of hard work to make your lawn stay green and beautiful year-round. You have to:

– Hold the hose for minutes on end
– Or set up sprinklers and move them around your lawn
– Fertilize your lawn
– Pull the weeds
– Mow the grass
– Apply herbicides to kill undesirable weeds and plants

That’s a lot of work to do. However, you don’t have to do most of it by hand. In fact, if you water your lawn yourself, you’re probably doing more harm than good.

The reason for that is because the best time to water is between 4 and 6 in the morning. During that time, the sun isn’t so warm that it evaporates most of the water. And, it isn’t so cool outside that the water pools in your lawn. That causes harmful fungi to grow. And it costs you a lot of money to repair the damage.

When you water your own lawn, whether by holding the hose or moving a sprinkler head around, you don’t distribute the water evenly. So even though most of your lawn gets water, some parts don’t get the water they need to grow. Then, you see those ugly brown spots during the middle of the summer. Again, that costs a fair amount of money to fix.

Aquamax Offers Sprinkler, Irrigation, & Drip System Repair & Installation to Keep Your Lawn Looking its Best

Nobody gets up to water their lawn from 4-6 in the morning. We install programmable sprinkler systems that deliver the precise amount of water the various areas of your lawn and garden need to look green and healthy year round. In fact, our sprinkler systems even include rain and freeze sensors that stop water your lawn when it’s raining or freezing outside.

You won’t get any flooded zones or have any brown areas later on during summer. We guarantee you get 100% coverage of your lawn after your sprinkler system installation is completed. To make sure you get 100% coverage, we also:

Visit your home personally and give you a free quote. No two lawns are the same, so our licensed and experienced technicians need to visit your home in person and sketch the configuration of your yard. Then, we take this rough sketch and enter it into a computer to create a precision layout for your sprinkler or irrigation system.

This layout shows us the exact water pressure, proper sprinkler head spacing, and the correct hydraulics to use for your sprinkler system. The net result is that you have a green and healthy lawn year round.

Don’t worry – all sprinkler systems are designed with water conservation in mind. We help you do your part to respect the environment and save money on your water bills. All systems use the least amount of water possible, but also enough to make sure your lawn and garden stay green and healthy.

How do Sprinkler System Repairs Work?

We always have a licensed, experienced professional perform your sprinkler system repair. Our core employees have a combined 100 years of experience. The truth is every repair is different. We do charge a fee to diagnose the problem, but you can apply that cost toward the cost of your repair if you have us do the work.

Most repairs take 1-2 hours to complete, and cost around $150 – $200. However, your repair may cost more or less, and could take more or less time to perform. It all depends on what we find.

Why Make Aquamax Your Sprinkler & Irrigation Repair & Installation Company?

You could choose any of a number of sprinkler repair and installation contractors, so why choose us?

1. Our experience saves you time and money. We’ve been doing this since 1998, and our core employees have more than 100 years of combined experience. It’s not everything because everyone learns at different rates, but experience helps you do things right the first time, at a faster pace, and at a lower cost.

2. Our sprinkler, irrigation, and drip systems do not leak or freeze. We install a master valve on every system. This takes the pressure off of the main line, which eliminates the possibility of leaks. During winter, this leaves almost no water in the main line. That eliminates the chances of pipes freezing and bursting.

3. We use only the highest quality parts from Rain Bird. No one makes better sprinkler and drip system parts than Rain Bird. Their parts last longer, are more reliable, and have the highest ability to be water efficient. The next leading competitor’s parts don’t even come close to matching Rain Bird.

Your system will be installed right the first time, and it will require less repair and maintenance over its lifetime. You save time, money, and avoid stress and hassle.

4. We’re an award-winning company. We’ve won awards from many major small business organizations. Angie’s List, Best Picks Reports, Consumer Choice, the Good Contractor’s List, and Home Services review have all given us awards for our excellent quality of service. To givet the awards, they find and interview our customers and score their feedback.

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Quotes for all new installations are FREE. We do charge for quotes for repairs, but you can apply the cost of that charge toward the cost of service if you have us do the work.

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