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Aquamax Offers Sprinkler, Irrigation, & Drip Repair

We have an A+ BBB Rating – “We get it right the first time!”

Is something not working with your sprinkler system? Are the heads not popping up?  Do you have broken or leaking pipes and nozzles?  Do the control units not work as well as they should?

Regardless of the problem your sprinkler system is facing, Aquamax has the skills and experience to make the repair. We’ve been repairing and installing sprinkler systems in Allen, TX since 1998.  With a combined experience of more than 100 years among our core employees, we know how to get the job done right, fast, on time, and at a competitive price.

The typical sprinkler, irrigation, or drip system repair takes around 1-2 hours to complete and costs between $150 – $200.  The costs for your repair could vary depending on the severity of the condition.  We do charge for making estimates on all repairs ($50), but that charge can be applied toward the cost of your repair if you hire us to do the work.

All repairs are performed by experienced, licensed professionals.  And although we’ve never had to use it, we carry $1 million in general liability insurance just in case an accident happens.  We are licensed by the State of Texas (LI0008514), and we have a Texas Backflow License #BF0004762.  The quality of all sprinkler repairs is guaranteed for 90 days.  If our sprinkler repair breaks within that time frame, and it’s because of something under our responsibility, then we’ll fix the repair free of charge.

Your drip irrigation system might also experience the following problems:

* Valves not staying on long enough, or too long
* Sprinkler heads that stick up and don’t go back down
* Rain and freeze sensors that do not work
* Your lawn doesn’t get full coverage
* The nozzles are clogged

Sprinkler systems are much more complicated these days.  Because of that, we have to evaluate your system on-site to understand the true cause of the problems you’re experiencing.

To save you time and money, our licensed professionals arrive in fully stocked vans.  They have all the parts and tools needed to make the sprinkler or irrigation repair with them.  If we had to buy the parts and tools, that would cost you more time and money.

Does Your Sprinkler System Need a Modification? 

Over time, it’s completely normal for the growth of some lawns to change how your yard consumes water.  Or, you might do some new landscaping and add a garden or flower bed to your property.  When this happens, we can help you out by modifying your drip irrigation system to give you full coverage and save the most water possible.  In fact, we guarantee 100% coverage of your lawn.  Your lawn and plants get all the water they need to stay green and healthy, and at the same time you use as little water as possible and keep your bill to a minimum.

Custom Sprinkler System Installation for Allen, TX Residents

Make no mistake about it – there’s nothing simple about installing sprinkler systems.  To install yours, we have to visit your yard in person.  Once we take all the necessary measurements and map out the precise configuration of your yard, we create a computer drawing that shows us all the different zones, what the water pressure should be in each, and how the sprinkler heads should be spaced.

The net result is that you get full coverage, a green and healthy lawn, and your irrigation system conserves its use of water.  Our licensed technicians install a master valve on every irrigation system.  This eliminates leaks because there’s no water pressure in the mainline when the system’s not in use. And, your pipes won’t freeze because almost no water is left in the mainline.

We also use Rain Bird products in all new sprinkler system installations.  Rain Bird is the clear leader when it comes to sprinkler products.  They last longer and use water with a much higher efficiency than any other brand.  In addition, we also use underground-rated wire connectors.  Regular wire connectors can get corroded, which causes damage and eventually requires repair.  Finally, we also use wireless rain/freeze sensors, which help you save water by shutting your sprinkler system off when it’s raining or freezing outside.

We’re so good at what we do that we have an A+ BBB rating after having served more than 30,000 customers.  Our dedication to exceptional customer service has helped us get many testimonials just like this one:

“I recently purchased a 1930s vintage home in Highland Park that did not have an irrigation system. Robert, Tony and the folks at Aquamaxx did a great job installing the system. They have a professional crew that made the extra effort to preserve my yard. In addition, I needed them to add a few extra lines weeks after they initially completed the job. They came back out and treated me fairly. I would recommend them to my friends and family.”

Because of our dedication to excellent customer service when performing all sprinkler and drip system repairs, we’ve won all kinds of awards from reputable organizations like Angie’s List, Best Picks Reports, and Home Services Review.

Your Lawn May Need a French Drain

In North Texas, we can experience weather extremes.  Sometimes, we have long, devastating droughts.  Other times we have sudden flash floods.

French drains are trenches we dig that help divert water away from a certain area on your property, like your foundation.  We may also install some surface drains to assist in this process as well.

If you need a drainage system installed, we do that too.

Get Your FREE Drainage System Installation Quote Today!

But in order to determine whether your home needs a drainage system or not, we’ll have to visit your property and inspect it to get an idea of what needs to be done. However, all estimates for new installations are FREE.  All you have to do is contact Aquamax online or call us at 972.429.0460 today!

And remember, we can handle any drip system, sprinkler, or irrigation repair too.  We do charge $50 to diagnose the problem, but the cost of the diagnostic fee can be applied toward the cost of the repair if you choose us to do the work.

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