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Sprinkler System Installation Done Right the First Time

How would you like to have the greenest yard in your neighborhood?
Picture this: you never even have to think about water your lawn. Instead, your sprinkler system simply comes on automatically and gives each area of your lawn and garden the exact amount of water it needs to grow green and healthy year round.

You never have to hold the hose and walk around. You don’t have to argue with your spouse or children to get the work done. You don’t have to go outside and move the sprinkler head around to ensure full coverage.

Then, you get to take all the credit when your lawn looks the best in your neighborhood.

Aquamax Sprinkler Systems makes this possible by installing cutting-edge, programmable, reliable, and water-efficient sprinkler, irrigation, and drip systems for customers throughout Addison, TX and the DFW metroplex.

What’s so Great about Aquamax’s Sprinkler System Installations?

You can talk to any number of companies in the Addison area who do the exact same thing we do, but we always get it done right the first time. That’s helped us earn an A+ rating with the BBB after serving more than 30,000 customers. Here’s what we do with your sprinkler system installation:

1. Your sprinkler or drip system is custom designed to suit your lawn’s needs. Our licensed and experienced professionals visit your home, get an understanding of what you want your sprinkler system to do, and make a rough sketch of your lawn and garden.

Then, a precision computer drawing is created of your lawn and garden. This shows exactly where each sprinkler head should be, the correct water pressure, and the right hydraulics. Your sprinkler system installation gives every area of your lawn and garden the water it needs to grow.

2. 100% coverage guaranteed. We don’t take this lightly. Your entire lawn and garden will have enough water to stay green and healthy year round – guaranteed.

3. All sprinkler and drip systems are highly water-efficient. We’re a Rain Bird Gold Select Contractor. They give this award to companies who operate with a high degree of integrity and who build highly water-efficient sprinkler and drip systems. Don’t worry – your lawn and garden still get all the water they need.

4. Only the most reliable, durable, and water-efficient parts are used. Yes, you do have to pay a little more for these parts up front. But, they save you money down the line. They’re more durable than cheaper parts, so they’ll cost you less to maintain and repair. We only use Rain Bird sprinkler system parts because they’re the best in the industry, hands down.

Their MPR sprinkler nozzle, for example, uses 30% less water than the next leading nozzle. When we install your sprinkler system, we use silicon-sealed, underground-rated wire connectors. They resist corrosion and damage much better than regular wire connectors.

5. Our sprinkler system installations don’t run when it’s raining or freezing. You don’t even have to think about your sprinkler or drip systems when it’s raining or freezing outside. We install wireless rain/freeze sensors that automatically reduce or turn off the water as necessary based on the current weather conditions.

Why Let Aquamax Install Your Sprinkler System?

There are a number of contractors that do the same thing we do. We’ve already shown you what’s different about our sprinkler systems. Now, learn a little more why you should let us install your lawn irrigation or drip system:

1. Angie’s List Super Service Award-Winner 2008-2013. Besides winning this award from Angie’s List, we’ve won a number of others. Consumer’s Choice gave us an award from 2006-2007, and in 2012 – the only three years they gave out the award in our category. We’re also a member of the Good Contractor’s List, a Best Picks Reports Ribbon Award Winner, have gotten a Five Star Rating from Home Services Review, and are Best Rated and Recommended by Smartguy.com.

2. A+ BBB rating after serving more than 30,000. We’ve been in business serving Addison, TX and the DFW metroplex since 1998. Even after having served more than 30,000 customers, we still have an A+ rating with the BBB. Feel free to check it out online.

3. We get it right the first time. That’s the difference between us and the other contractors. You might have to call other contractors back to make repairs. You’ll have to do that with all sprinkler system installations at some point in time. But, ours last longer and won’t have to be fixed right away. You save money over the long-term.

4. 90-day warranty for all irrigation system and repairs and 3-year warranty for new irrigation system installations. Warranties are only valid if the company actually stands behind them. It’s rare any sprinkler, drip, or irrigation repairs need fixing within these timeframes. But if that is necessary, you won’t have to pay for the work again.

5. Only licensed, experienced professionals do the work. Our core employees have a combined 100 years of experience. All sprinkler and irrigation repairs are performed by licensed professionals. Those licensed professionals also oversee all new irrigation system installations. And all work is done in-house – we never hire subcontractors.

Aquamax Also Offers Sprinkler, Irrigation, Drip, and Drainage Repair & Lawn Installation

If it’s metal and it waters your lawn, we repair it. And since our licensed, experienced professionals always use Rain Bird parts, your sprinkler system repair lasts a long, long time.

And don’t forget, we repair drainage systems too.

And if you want a new lawn installed so you can start things over from scratch (or for a new home), we can help with that too.

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