Offering Sprinkler System Installation to Wylie, TX Residents

How do you currently water your lawn?
If you’re like most homeowners, you set up the sprinkler or hold the hose for a while. Big mistake! Your lawn needs to be watered at, ideally, 4-6 AM. At this time, the sun’s heat isn’t so hot that it evaporates most of the water. And then there’s another problem: if you’re holding your hose or you set up your own sprinkler, water isn’t evenly distributed across your lawn. You could end up with dry brown spots during the middle of the summer. And if you hold the hose, this takes time out of your day when you could be doing other maintenance tasks for your lawn and garden.

When we install drip, irrigation, and sprinkler systems in Wylie, TX lawns, most homeowners wonder why they didn’t install one sooner.

Sprinkler Systems Save You Time & Money, and They’re Healthier for Your Lawn
At Aquamax, we guarantee 100% coverage of your lawn. That means it stays green and healthy all year long. And because our sprinkler systems are programmable, you never have to turn them on manually. Because they use the water they distribute more efficiently, they save you money.

A new sprinkler system installation typically costs around $3000 – $5000, depending on the size and configuration of your lawn. Most sprinkler systems cost near $3500. The typical system takes 1 day to install, while more complex jobs take 2 days.

With Aquamax, you get a higher quality sprinkler or irrigation system than other contractors install because:

* Our systems eliminate leaks and the chance of freezing. A master valve takes the pressure off your sprinkler system’s main line, which eliminates leaks. It also reduces the amount of water remaining in the main line to almost nothing, eliminating the chance of freezing. You’ll make fewer repairs and perform less maintenance over the life of your sprinkler system.

* Design each sprinkler system to meet your lawn and garden’s unique needs. Different sections of your yard are divided into “zones.” We make sure each zone has the right amount of water pressure and sprinkler head spacing to provide the water needed.

* Drip irrigation works differently than sprinklers. It comes into play when you have to water the roots of specific plants, like those in your garden. Drip systems use tiny heads the size of quarters to drip a limited amount of water precisely to your plant’s roots. This saves water and also helps your plants stay healthy, bloom in full, and produce high yields.

* We hire only experienced, licensed technicians. Our core employees have 100 years of combined experience. And every technician that assists with sprinkler and irrigation system installation is either licensed themselves or overseen by a licensed technician. As we like to say, “We do it right the first time!” And our company has a Texas Licensed Irrigator #LI0008514 and a Licensed Backflow #BF0004762.

* We use the best quality products. For all new irrigation and sprinkler systems, we use only Rain Bird parts because they’re hands-down the best in the industry. No other company even comes close in terms of durability, reliability, and efficiency. In fact, Rain Bird makes MPR sprinkler nozzles 30% more efficient than the next leading sprinkler nozzle. You might pay a little more up front, but you’ll pay less for repairs and maintenance over the life of your sprinkler system.

* We use underground-rated wire connectors. Regular wire connectors are vulnerable to corrosion, which causes damage and requires repair. The wire connectors we use are waterproof and silicon-sealed, giving them high resistance to damage.

* All sprinkler systems shut off when it rains or freezes. We install wireless rain and freeze sensors on every system so you don’t have to turn yours on and off during rainy and cold temperatures. Your lawn and garden do not get overwatered, and you don’t have to worry about frozen grass or plants either.

* We warranty all new sprinkler system installations and repairs. All new systems come with a 3-year warranty on parts and labor. All repairs have a 90-day warranty. If anything within our responsibility fails within those timeframes, we’ll take care of the fix for free.

Pricing on New Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems Should be a Concern, But…
It’s not everything. Our prices are competitive with other contractors in the area – you’ll find that as you talk to different sprinkler repair companies.

What happens when you go with the cheapest bidder is they have to cut corners somewhere to make the price work. They might use cheaper parts, hire subcontractors whose quality of work they don’t know, or work too fast and make critical mistakes.

You may not notice any problems with your new irrigation system installation now. But, you could notice unsightly dry and brown spots in the middle of the summer. Or maybe the company has to provide a number of repairs during and after the warranty period.

You never know what could happen but what you do know is bad things will happen. That’s why Aquamax charges a competitive price and uses high-quality parts to give you the best quality sprinkler system possible. You’ll be much happier with the sprinkler system, and us, over the long run.

How to Find a Good Sprinkler Repair Contractor
Yes, everyone looks on Google. It’s the best possible source because every sprinkler repair and installation contractor has some good references. But online, you can check independent, unbiased customer reviews about certain companies. You should also look for testimonials on company’s websites, but again every company has some of those.

Another great thing to look for is awards. Companies like Angie’s List, Consumer’s Choice, the Good Contractor’s List, and Best Picks reports get customer feedback and score it. They’re a great objective, unbiased measure of the quality of a sprinkler repair company’s service.

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All estimates for new installations are 100% free. We do charge for repair estimates, but you can apply that cost toward the cost of the repair if you have us do the work.

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And when you have time, check out the videos below to learn more about us, and Rain Bird, the leading manufacturer of sprinkler system parts.

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