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No one does it better than Aquamax Sprinkler Systems. Whether you need a drip irrigation system repaired or a new one installed, we can help. We also offer:
* Sprinkler system installation and repair
* Lawn/sod installation
* Drainage system installation

We’ve been serving Southlake, TX since 1998 and can handle any problem you’re experiencing. But, don’t take our word for it. Instead, look at the many distinguishing honors we’ve won for our exceptional service:

* Angie’s List Super Service Award 2008-2013
* Member of the Good Contractor’s List
* Recognized by Gov. Rick Perry and the Consumer’s Choice Institute as a leading sprinkler irrigation company
* Consumer’s Choice Award Winner
* Rain Bird Select Contractor
* Best Rated and Recommended

The important thing to know with these awards is that they can’t be bought or won based on who you know. Rather, each organization contacts our customers directly and asks them for feedback. What they say about us is then scored and compared to the scores of other drip irrigation companies in Southlake. The organizations with the best overall scores then win awards.

You can also feel free to read internet reviews regarding the quality of our services. You’ll find many that talk about how fast and professional our company is.

Why Choose Aquamax for Your Next Drip Irrigation Repair or Install?
Even though we’ve won many awards for our quality of service, there’s many additional reasons that make us one of Southlake’s leading drip irrigation companies. Some of those include:

1. We are licensed by the State of Texas (LI0008514) and only use licensed professionals. Every drip irrigation repair or installation we perform is done or supervised by a licensed professional. Licensed pros always make repairs, while all new installations are supervised by licensed professionals. To top it off, they have years of experience. Combined, our core employees have 100 years of experience. And we only use our own employees to do your work. Nothing is ever subcontracted out.

2. We warranty all of our work. All drip system repairs are warrantied for 90 days. New installations are warrantied for 3 years. If anything within our responsibility breaks or fails within that timeframe, we’ll make the fix for free. When we have to make repairs outside of our warranty, the typical cost is around $150 – $200 and takes 1-2 hours to complete. New drip system installations take a few days to complete, with the typical system costing around $3500.

3. We use the best quality parts. Rain Bird produces the best drip irrigation and sprinkler system parts. The next leading competitors aren’t even close. Rain Bird parts are the most reliable, durable, and efficient. We won’t have to come to your Southlake residence and make multiple repairs over the years. And some of Rain Bird’s parts, like the MPR sprinkler nozzle, use 30% less water than the competition’s leading offering.

When it comes to installing wiring for your drip irrigation system, we only use underground-rated wire connectors. Some contractors use regular wire connectors, which can get corroded. Corrosion causes damage, and then you’ll have to pay for another repair. However, our underground-rated wire connectors never corrode, which keeps your drip irrigation system working and saves you the cost and inconvenience of making additional repairs.

4. We custom design each drip irrigation system. Every lawn is laid out in a unique way. And in order to make sure all your plants, grass, shrubs, and trees stay green and healthy all year long, we have to lay out your drip irrigation system perfectly.

Installing a drip system is a fairly technical process. Our professionals visit your home, lawn, and garden in person and map out the precise configuration of the entire area. We then create a computer drawing so we know how many different zones are needed, the spacing of the nozzles, the exact water pressure to use, and the hydraulic calculations necessary to ensure your drip and sprinkler systems deliver the water your yard needs.

5. 100% coverage guaranteed. When we install sprinkler and drip systems, we guarantee the entire coverage of your yard. You will not find any brown spots or dry and withering plants.

6. We carry $1 million in general liability insurance. We’ve never had to use it, and law does not require us to have it. But, we have that insurance available just in case an accident happens when installing your drip system.

7. Your drip irrigation system is designed to be water-efficient. To get status as a Rain Bird Select Contractor, you have to design all drip systems to be highly water-efficient. We do this for every system, helping you do your part to be kind to the environment and to save money.

8. Our installations eliminate leaks and freezing pipes. Not every drip system Southlake contractors install does this. To eliminate lakes, our licensed professionals install a master valve in every drip system. This takes pressure off the main line when not in use, which means you do not experience leaks. Because no water is left in the main line when it’s not used, your pipes do not freeze during the cool winter months.

Why Install a Drip Irrigation System?
Drip systems deliver water straight to the roots of your garden’s plants. This does a few things:

* The water does not pool, which can cause the growth of fungi and mildew
* Your plants get the exact amount of water they need to grow
* The water does not get wasted by evaporation or blown away by the wind
* You can program your drip system to water automatically so you can literally forget about doing it yourself

Get Your FREE Drip System Installation Quote Today!

At Aquamax, we’ll give you a FREE quote for all drip and sprinkler system installations. Simply call 972.429.0460 today! We do also perform sprinkler and drip system repairs, but we do charge a fee for providing the estimate. However, that fee can be applied toward the cost of the repair if you choose us to do the work.

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