Drip & Irrigation System Installation & Repair

Do you do all the watering for your lawn? If you’re like most homeowners, you hold the hose for a few minutes. Or maybe you set up a couple sprinklers in the back and front of your lawn. You might also just leave it all up to the weather.

At Aquamax, we don’t recommend any of those if you want a 100% green and healthy lawn year round. If you just hold the hose, how do you know if all areas of your lawn get the exact amount of water needed? Have you noticed dry and brown areas later during the warmer months?

If you set up sprinklers, it’s the same story. Yes, you’ll move them around to make sure all areas of your lawn get coverage. But does every corner of your lawn and garden get the amount of water it needs?

And if you just leave things up to the weather, your entire lawn can become brown and dry. It costs you much more to pay for the expensive lawn treatments required to get your grass green and healthy again.

Let Aquamax Install a Drip or Irrigation System to do the Work for You!

Homeowners are somewhat skeptical at first. Is installing a new drip or sprinkler system really worth the cost, which usually runs $3500 or so?

Irrigation systems:

– Are fully programmable, so you can water you lawn at the optimal time of day (4-6 am)
– Can be installed to cover 100% of your lawn, so no brown spots show up
– Are highly reliable, durable, and efficient if you use high-quality parts

Drip systems:

– Precisely deliver water directly to the roots of plants in your garden
– Are also fully programmable and don’t require constant work from you
– Do not require a lot of maintenance if you use high-quality parts
– Use water with a high degree of efficiency (using a sprinkler system in your garden is usually a very inefficient use of water)

When we finish an irrigation or drip system installation, most homeowners wonder why they didn’t do it sooner. You don’t have to spend nearly as much time watering your lawn, and yet you get a green, healthy lawn year-round.

Why Choose Aquamax to Perform Your Drip or Irrigation System Installation?

You have many contractors to choose from in the Sachse area. Why choose Aquamax Sprinkler Systems?

1. You get high quality for a competitive price. Our irrigation and drip system installations are not the cheapest, but they’re not the most expensive either. Price is important, and we give you the best quality sprinkler system for the price. The typical irrigation or drip system installation takes around 1 day and costs between $3000 – $5000. The most common cost is $3500.

2. Custom solutions that meet the needs of your yard. To make sure your yard and garden stay green and healthy, all drip and irrigation system installations begin with an inspection of your yard. Our licensed technicians create a rough sketch of the necessary zones. Then, we take this information and develop a precision computer drawing that shows the right nozzle and emitter placement, the correct water pressure, and the best hydraulics to use.

Your lawn and garden’s plants get all the water they need to grow green and strong.

3. We guarantee 100% coverage. Your entire yard and garden will have full coverage. That’s all there is to it.

4. All new sprinkler and drip system installations do not leak or freeze. We install a master valve on all new systems. This reduces water pressure in the main line, which eliminates the chance of leaks. Also, this leaves very little water in the main line. During colder temperatures, there’s not enough water in the piping to freeze and burst the pipe. Freezing is literally eliminated.

5. Only the highest quality parts are used. This is a huge part of our ability to do it right the first time. We only use Rain Bird parts, which are far and away the best in the industry. Eventually, these parts need repairs too, but they get repaired far less often than the next leading competitor’s parts. You pay much less for the maintenance of your sprinkler system over its lifetime.

6. You get a 3-year warranty on all drip and irrigation system installations and 30-day warranty on all repairs. In the rare event anything within our responsibility goes wrong during these timeframes, we’ll cover the cost of the parts and labor.

7. We have a stellar reputation. Feel free to check these claims out. We’ve served more than 30,000 customers and have an A+ BBB rating. In addition, we’ve won the following awards:

– Rain Bird Gold Select Contractor
– Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner 2008-2013
– Good Contractor’s List Member
– Best Pick Reports Ribbon Award Winner
– Five Star Rating from Home Services Review
– SmartGuy.com Best Rated and Recommended

You can only win these awards by providing exceptional irrigation installation and repair service. The companies giving the awards speak with your customers directly, score their feedback, and then give awards based on which companies get the best feedback.

Aquamax Also Offers Drip, Irrigation, Sprinkler, and Drainage Repair and Lawn Installation

New installations are no problem, but we can take care of any repair needs you have as well. The average sprinkler or drip system repair costs between $150 – $200 and takes 1-2 hours to complete. Your repair could cost more or less, but those are the general guidelines. A licensed, experienced technician works on all drip and sprinkler system repairs, and our core employees have a combined 100 years of experience.

You get a quick, no-nonsense, quality, and long-lasting repair each and every time.

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We’ll figure out all the zones and the proper configuration your sprinkler and drip system should have to meet your lawn and garden’s needs. And if you have any questions, feel free to put us on the spot.

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