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Are you tired of watering your lawn by yourself? Isn’t it annoying to have to do all this on your own? And if you have to get your family members to help, that makes things that much more challenging.

And even when you do water your lawn, is it really getting all the water it needs? Sure, most of it gets wet, but that doesn’t mean that’s enough water. And when you look at your lawn during the middle of summer, you might see those awful brown and dry spots.

What would you do if you could get rid of all these problems once and for all?

Well, you can by having a new programmable sprinkler system installed. Here’s how it solves that problem for you:

1. A new sprinkler system installation is custom-installed so it meets your lawns watering needs. At Aquamax, we visit your home in person and get to know your lawn and garden firsthand. After we create a rough sketch, we develop a precision computer drawing that lays out all the zones, equipment, and the exact hydraulics and water pressure needed to water your lawn.

Every inch of your yard and garden get the exact amount of water needed to stay green and healthy year round.

2. The system is programmable, so you never have to think about watering. Don’t worry about watering your lawn yourself, hiring someone else to do it, or getting your spouse or kids to do the work. The best time to water your lawn is actually from 4-6 AM. It works well because the sun isn’t so high that it evaporates all the water. And if you water at night, the water can pool, which leads to the growth of harmful fungi and mildew.

3. Water is precisely delivered to your grass and plants. You’re familiar with sprinklers – they throw water 20-30 feet across your lawn. But are you familiar with drip irrigation systems? They use small, quarter-size emitters that slowly “drip” water directly to the roots of your larger plants in your garden. If you used a sprinkler to do the same thing, some plants would not get the water they needed to grow because they’re being blocked by others.

And, lots of water gets wasted. But with a sprinkler/drip system installation, water efficiency is maximized.

4. Aquamax’s sprinkler system installations are incredibly reliable and water-efficient. In fact, we’ve won an award from Rain Bird for our highly water-efficient irrigation system installations (feel free to visit Rain Bird’s website and contact them about the award). We use only the most reliable, durable, and water-efficient sprinkler system parts – and they’re all made by Rain Bird. In fact, their MPR sprinkler nozzle, which matches how rain falls, is 30% more efficient than the next leading sprinkler nozzle.

Because we use such high-quality parts, there are fewer repairs and lesser maintenance over the life of your sprinkler system.

5. They’re fast and easy to install. We don’t make guarantees on your sprinkler system installation, but you can have one fully installed in as little as a week. We have to visit your property to get an idea of its layout, create the precision computer drawing, and then install the system (which usually takes 1 day, and possibly 2).

6. Your irrigation system installation does not leak or freeze. This is a unique feature of Aquamax’s sprinkler system installations. Every system comes outfitted with a master valve. This takes all the pressure off the main line, which eliminates leaks. It also leaves almost no water in the main line, which eliminates the possibility of frozen, bursting pipes during cooler summer months.

Why Let Aquamax Do Your Sprinkler, Irrigation, or Drip System Installation?

Simply put, we have the best reputation in Royce City, and throughout the DFW metroplex. Here’s what you’ll be interested in – feel free to research each source for yourself:

A+ rating with the BBB. Call them up, or check us out on their website. We’ve been in business since 1998, have served more than 30,000, and still have a perfect BBB rating.

Multiple awards from a number of reputable industry organizations. Again, feel free to call the companies themselves and ask about the award, just to confirm they did in fact give it to us. What you should know about these awards is they cannot be bought or influenced in any way (feel free to ask these companies about that). Instead, each company contacts as many of our customers as possible, scores their feedback, and then compares that score to the scores received by other companies. The companies with the best scores get awards.

Here are the awards we’ve won for our irrigation and drip system installation services:

– Angie’s List Super-Service Award Winner (2008-13)
– Rain Bird Gold Select Contractor
– Five Star Rating from the Home Services Review
– Good Contractor’s List Member
– Best Picks Reports Ribbon Award Winner
– Smartguy.com Best Rated & Recommended
– Consumer’s Choice Award Winner (2006-07,2012)

22 people happy to serve as references. Check out the references section of our website. There, you’ll find 22 people you can call as references regarding the quality of our services. However, we have many more for you to contact – just ask us when we meet in person.

Plenty of testimonials. View the testimonials section of our website. You’ll find 6 video testimonials and 6 written testimonials. We’ve served over 30,000 customers up to this point, so we have plenty more of those. But, this gives you an idea of what people really like about our services.

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