Offering New Irrigation System Installation and Repair for Rowlett, TX Residents

While price is an important factor to consider, don’t make it your primary concern. Yes, prices for new irrigation system installation do vary by contractor. But, if you go with the lowest bidder, usually they have to cut corners to make it work.

And to you, that means you might not have your lawn fully covered. You could experience brown spots, dead grass, and lawn diseases in mid-summer. And those have a fairly high cost associated if you want to have them cured.

You might also have to make more repairs because the irrigation system was installed too quickly and with sub-standard parts. Wouldn’t it make sense to just pay for the irrigation system installation once? That’s how it works, and at Aquamax, we pride ourselves in “doing it right the first time.” Although we do cost more than some irrigation system installation contractors, we are competitively priced. The typical irrigation system installation costs between $3000 – $5000, with the most frequent price running right around $3500. Your costs could be higher or lower, depending on your lawn’s irrigation needs.

Why Choose Aquamax?
Besides doing the job right the first time, Aquamax also does many other things to ensure you get the best quality irrigation system possible:

* All employees are supervised by a licensed technician during new irrigation system installations

* We use only the best quality parts from Rain Bird, known for its quality, durability, and efficiency

* Every irrigation system comes equipped with a master valve, which eliminates the chances of leaks and freezing

* We use underground-rated wiring, which eliminates corrosion that causes damage and the need for additional repairs

* Although we’ve never had to use it, we have $1 million in general liability insurance

* Our professionals do a computer drawing of your yard and the irrigation zones to ensure the right water pressure and full coverage

* All sprinkler heads are attached to a flex line, which reduces the damage they experience from high impacts

* Your yard, sidewalk, and driveway are all neatly cleaned and no mess is left behind

* You get a 3-year warranty on parts and labor for your irrigation system

* You get service from an award-winning company. Angie’s List, Consumer Reports, Rain Bird, Good Contractor’s List,, Home Services Review, and Best Picks have all given us awards for excellent service

* We’ve received an A+ rating from the BBB after serving more than 30,000 customers

* All irrigation system installations are done with water efficiency in mind. You’ll save money on your water bill, get a green lawn and garden, and take care of the environment at the same time.
If all this sounds good to you, call Aquamax at 972.429.0460, or contact us online. Quotes for new irrigation system installations are FREE. We do charge to quote repairs, but that cost can be applied toward the cost of the repair if you have us do the work.
What’s the Difference Between an Irrigation and a Drip System?
You know what an irrigation system is. It’s just another term for a sprinkler system. On programmable systems, the heads rise up out of the ground and spray water on large open spaces like your lawn. Sprinkler systems can spray up to 25-35 feet.
But if you’re new to the whole concept of lawn irrigation, you might not be familiar with drip systems. They make better sense for watering in close quarters – like your garden.
If you water your garden with a sprinkler system, for example, you’re wasting a lot of water. Leaves of larger plants block it from getting to the roots of other plants. So much water is sprayed that much of its volume never makes it to the intended destination. And, the water comes faster than plants would rather have it. Your plants are used to rainfall, which comes consistently over time.
Drip systems use emitters, which slowly release water in a very direct and steady fashion directly to the roots of the plants in your garden. The emitters are very small – about the size of a quarter or so.
Because they’re so precise, they save you a ton of water. And, your plants get the exact volume of water they need to grow. Also, the water does not pool and evaporate. It’s the most efficient possible solution for watering your garden.
But, you have to have a skilled professional perform your drip system installation. Otherwise, the emitters may not be spaced properly and won’t deliver the exact amount of water your garden’s plants need to grow.
We Perform Irrigation, Sprinkler, and Drip System Repair Too!
If you need a new irrigation or drip system installed, Aquamax helps with that. But we can take care of all your irrigation and drip system repair needs too.
A licensed technician performs all repairs, and we offer a 90-day warranty on all repairs.
Your drip or irrigation system could experience one of these problems which indicates the need for a repair:
* Not enough water gets sprayed by the system
* Some zones do not stop watering, while others do
* You notice obvious leaks or flooding in certain areas
* Pipes are broken
* Your emitters are clearly clogged
* You programmed the controller properly, but your drip system doesn’t come on automatically

Our professionals have more than 100 years of combined experience and can quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively diagnose the problems affecting your drip irrigation system. It’s our goal to become your one-stop, no-nonsense resource for all your sprinkler and drip system repair needs.

Get Your Drip System Repair Quote Today!
We serve Rowlett and the entire DFW metroplex. We do charge to diagnose the problem, but we apply the diagnostic fee toward the cost of the service if you have us do the work. Call Aquamax today at 972.429.0460 or contact us online. And make sure you stop our website often…monthly specials are regularly updated and available.

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