Repairing & Installing Rockwall, TX Sprinkler, Drip, & Irrigation Systems Since 1998

With more than 30,000 customers served and an A+ BBB rating, Aquamax is Rockwall’s and DFW’s leading sprinkler system installation and repair company. With Aquamax, you get the highest quality sprinkler system installation or repair available on the market because:

1. We use only the best quality parts. Yes, you can pay lower prices with other sprinkler repair and installation contractors. However, they have to cut corners with the people they hire, how long they take to do the work, or the quality of the parts they use. Somehow, that lower price will affect their quality of work.

At Aquamax, we use sprinkler parts from the best company in the industry, Rain Bird. The next competitors don’t even come close to matching their quality, efficiency, or durability. You save time and money, and experience less hassle because your sprinkler system won’t require as many repairs or as much maintenance over the long run.

2. Only experienced, licensed technicians do the work. Our core employees have more than 100 years of combined experience. On all sprinkler and irrigation repairs, licensed technicians do the work. For new sprinkler system installations, a licensed supervisor oversees all work performed. We never use subcontractors to do any of your work. You get a perfectly working sprinkler system each and every time.

3. We use a thorough process to develop a custom design for your yard. Your home, yard, and garden are unique, so we design a sprinkler system that keeps your grass, plants, trees, and shrubs green and healthy all year long. Our professionals visit your home in person, measure it, and lay out the configuration. Then, we create a computer drawing to determine the right water pressure, number of zones needed, and hydraulic calculations necessary to give your plants the water they need. When all is said and done, every time you look at your yard, you’ll feel like you’re looking at the picture of perfection. And who knows, your yard could become the one everyone in your neighborhood envies!

4. Our sprinkler and irrigation systems do not leak or freeze. Every sprinkler system installation we perform includes the installation of a master valve. This valve takes the pressure off the main line and leaves almost no water in it when it’s not in use. Leaks and freezing are eliminated.

5. All our work is warrantied. Whether it’s a new sprinkler system installation or repair, we stand behind the quality of our work. A warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. We warranty all new sprinkler and drip system installations for 3 years, and all repairs are warrantied for 90 days. If something within our responsibility fails within those time frames, then we’ll take care of it at no additional charge.

But that’s not all…
Award-Winning Sprinkler, Drip, & Irrigation System Repair & Installation Company
Our service has been so good that we’ve won a number of awards from highly reputable organizations. The thing that’s important to remember about these awards is you can’t buy them or win them by knowing the right people. Instead, the companies extending the honor contact their customers directly, score the feedback they receive, and then give awards to the best-scoring companies.

We’ve been honored to win the following awards:
* Best Picks Ribbon Award Winner
* Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner 2008-13
* Consumer’s Choice Award Winner for Business Excellence
* Rain Bird Select Contractor (Given to companies who exhibit a high degree of professional integrity and design very water-efficient irrigation systems)
* Home Services Review Five Star Rating
* Good Contractors List Member (This company also guarantees the work we do for you up to $10,000.)
* Best Rated and Reviewed by
Feel free to read reviews about our company around the web or to contact these companies directly to verify our exceptionally high quality of service.

Do You Need a Sprinkler, Irrigation, or Drip System Repair?
Our professionals can handle any irrigation repair you throw their way. We’ve been serving Rockwall since 1998, and have come across every type of repair you can imagine.

Sometimes, it’s obvious when you need a sprinkler or drip system repair.

These are some of the sure-fire clues that one will be needed:
* The sprinkler heads do not spray the appropriate amount of water, or none at all
* You’ve found an obvious leak
* The sprinkler heads don’t rise up from the ground
* Your sprinkler heads do not retract after completing watering of your lawn
* Water pools in different areas of your yard
* You notice some dry spots
* You observe a broken sprinkler head
* The water does not come out of your sprinkler system in even patterns

The typical irrigation repair costs $150 – $200 and takes our pros 1-2 hours to fix. However, your repair could take more or less time depending on what we find. We do charge to diagnose the repair, but we also apply its cost towards the cost of the entire job if you hire us to do the work.

Why Consider a Drip System Installation?
You know what a sprinkler system is – it sprays water for several yards and works best for large, flat open spaces like your lawn. Sprinkler systems also work decently for watering areas like your garden, but they’re not the best solution because they waste water.

Drip lines work much better for delivering a controlled amount of water directly to the roots of certain plants. The water gets delivered slowly, so they’re highly efficient. For close quarters, like your garden, nothing waters better than a drip system.

Get Your FREE Drip System Installation Quote Today!
All estimates for new installations are FREE. Repair estimates have a small cost, which you can apply towards the cost of the repair if you hire us to do the work.

Whether you need a sprinkler, drip, or irrigation repair or installation, you can count on Aquamax to get the job done right, on-time, and within your budget. We serve the DFW metroplex and Rockwall residents.

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