Sprinkler System Repair & Installation Contractor

Do you need to repair or install a new sprinkler system? If you’re smart like most modern American consumers, you’ll talk with a number of questions.

As you do, make sure you ask them most or all of these questions:
* Do they subcontract any of their work?
* What is their BBB rating?
* Can they provide you with any client references?
* Have they won awards from any notable industry organizations?
* How long have they been in business?
* What types of parts do they use for sprinkler system installation and repair?
* Do they guarantee 100% coverage of your lawn and garden?
* Do they offer 3-year warranties on new installations, and 90 days on repairs?
* What do they do to ensure your sprinkler system’s reliability and durability?
* How experienced are their professionals?
* Do they offer any supporting services to assist you with additional needs?

That’s a lot of homework to do, but we guarantee you’ll find a good sprinkler system installation and repair contractor if you do it. Be careful! If you don’t, it costs you more stress, hassle, maintenance, and additional repairs over the long run.

At Aquamax Sprinkler Systems, we can give you reliable answers to these questions that you can verify on your own. Why have more than 30,000 satisfied (as shown by our A+ BBB rating) customers chosen us as their sprinkler installation and repair contractor?

Many reasons:

1. 100% coverage guarantee. It’s simple – your entire lawn and garden will get the appropriate amount of water it needs to stay healthy and produce a good yield. To make this happen, we offer a FREE estimate, where our professionals visit your yard and create a rough sketch of its size and configuration.

Then, we take this sketch and develop a precision computer drawing. This shows us the exact number of zones, the correct sprinkler head spacing, the right hydraulics, and the proper water pressure to use. And, this also helps us keep your sprinkler system as water-efficient as possible.

2. Our experience saves you time and money. Our core professionals have more than 100 years of combined experience maintaining and installing sprinkler systems! They’ve run into every imaginable obstacle, and have developed a solution that keeps your yard healthy and makes you happy. Mess-ups, mistakes, and miscommunications rarely happen during our working relationship. This keeps costs down and gets your sprinkler system installed faster.

3. We have an A+ BBB rating and impeccable credentials. Feel free to check for yourself. We’ve been highly rated and recommended by the following organizations:

* Angie’s List
* Best Picks Reports
* Rain Bird
* Good Contractor’s List
* Best Picks Reports
* Home Services Review
* SmartGuy.com

What’s important to note about the awards and honors we’ve won from these organizations is you can’t buy them or know the right people and win them. Instead, they directly contact our customers, score their feedback, compare it to other companies, and then give awards to the best-scoring companies. We’re happy to provide as many client references as you need.

4. We offer a great warranty – 3 years on new irrigation system installations and 90 days on repairs. It’s very rare that anything goes wrong with our work. But, we want you to feel safe when choosing Aquamax. Remember, warranties are only as good as the company standing behind them, and we stand by ours. It’s one of the reasons we’ve kept an A+ BBB rating for so many years. We’ll repair anything in our responsibility that goes wrong within the specified timeframes.

5. We only use the highest-quality irrigation system parts. This is one of the many reasons we use our motto, “We do it right the first time!” You can use cheaper parts from lesser-known sprinkler system manufacturers, but you get what you pay for.

At Aquamax, we only use Rain Bird products for sprinkler and irrigation installation. They simply use the best parts available, and no one else comes even close. Their parts are more reliable, durable, and efficient. We don’t have to come back as often and you save money, stress, and time over the long run.

6. We service all major brands. For all sprinkler and irrigation system repair situations, we handle every major brand. There’s nothing you can throw our way that we can’t do. The average repair costs around $150 – $200 and takes 1-2 hours to complete. Your repair may take more or less time, depending on its unique circumstances.

7. We offer unique features to give you more for your money. We install a master valve on every sprinkler system. This reduces the amount of water in the system when not in use, which eliminates the chances of freezing. It also eliminates the chances of leaks because this takes all the water pressure off the main line.

We’ll also install wireless rain/freeze sensors. Not using wires gives you less opportunity for an electrical problem. More importantly, this prevents your sprinkler system from watering your lawn too much when it’s already raining, or operating when it’s too cold outside.

How Long Does Sprinkler and Irrigation System Installation Take? How Much Does it Cost?

The typical sprinkler and irrigation system installation takes 1 day to complete. A complicated, or larger, installation takes 2 days. The entire cost runs around $3000 – $5000, with the most common cost being $3500.

You might get a little sticker shock from seeing that price tag. But don’t worry, that’s normal. However, when you see the time a new sprinkler system saves, and the green, healthy lawn and garden you get, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

And Don’t Forget, We also Offer Drip System Repair & Installation, Drainage System Repair, and Lawn Installation

Your lawn watering needs are safe with us. Drip systems deliver water with precision to larger plants like those found in your garden. And if you need your drainage system repaired, or new sod installed, just let us know.

We serve Lucas, TX and the entire DFW metroplex.
For your FREE irrigation or sprinkler system installation estimate, call Aquamax at 972.429.0460 or contact us online.

Note on repairs: sprinkler, irrigation, drip, and drainage system repair estimates do have a cost, but we let you apply that toward the cost of the fix if you let us do the work.

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