Want the Greenest Yard in Your Neighborhood?

You can get it, and you barely have to do any work to make your lawn the best in the neighborhood.

Almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? You can get the greenest yard in your neighborhood without doing any serious amount of work!

You can! And you can do it with a new lawn irrigation system installation. Now this type of sprinkler system is much different than the one you’re picturing, which is probably just a sprinkler head or two connected to a hose.

The reason a sprinkler or other lawn watering device connected to a hose doesn’t do the job is because it does not accurately give all areas of your lawn the water it needs. Yes, you can move yours around, but how do you know every area of your lawn and garden got the water it needed to grow green and healthy? You don’t find out until later on in summer when your grass starts to get sharp-looking blades, and then turns brown. And by the time it’s reached that state, it costs much more to pay for lawn treatments to get it green once again.

Here’s how a professionally installed and programmable sprinkler system installation makes your lawn the greenest in your neighborhood:

1. You never have to do any of the watering yourself (or even think about it). All lawn irrigation systems Aquamax installs are electronically programmable, which means the watering is completely controlled by your sprinkler system (isn’t that great?). The water automatically comes when you tell it to. You should be watering, ideally, every morning from 4-6 AM because the sun isn’t so high that it evaporates most of the water. And if you water at night, the water may not absorb into the grass’s roots as well, which could cause it to pool and stand. That could result in the growth of mildew and fungi, which can harm your lawn and result in you needing more costly lawn treatments.

2. You get precision coverage over 100% of your lawn. Honestly, not every contractor does this. But, good ones do. You’ll have a number of lines with nozzles precisely spaced, and the exact amount of water pressure and hydraulics needed to make it work. Aquamax surveys your lawn and garden and creates a precision computer drawing to guarantee this happens.

3. With a quality sprinkler system installation, maintenance is minimized, water conserved, and effectiveness is maximized. Not all sprinkler and drip system installations are the same. At Aquamax, we use only the very best parts available in the industry, which are made by Rain Bird. No one’s products come even close to matching their quality, durability, and water-efficiency. Their MPR sprinkler nozzle, for example, reduces water usage by 30%.

We’re going to tell the truth – your sprinkler system installation will need repairs and maintenance along the way. But, when you use high-quality parts in your irrigation system installation, much less maintenance and repairs are needed over the life of the system. You still get a green lawn, economical water use, and you don’t have to worry whether your sprinkler system installation is doing its job or not.

4. Your lawn never gets overwatered. Wait a minute – what do you do when it’s raining outside, or the temperatures have fallen below freezing? Don’t you have to turn your sprinkler system off? You don’t if you install a wireless rain/freeze sensor that detects weather changes and turns itself off automatically. Not all sprinkler systems have this feature, but Aquamax’s systems do.

Why Let Aquamax Perform Your Lawn Irrigation System Installation?

There are a number of contractors that serve Hurst, TX and the entire DFW metroplex. There’s no doubt a professionally installed sprinkler system makes it so much easier to keep your lawn green and healthy year round. But what you get depends on the company you use.

Don’t get us wrong – price is important when considering a sprinkler and drip system installation. However, it shouldn’t be the only or primary factor in your consideration. The cliche “you get what you pay for” is true in America, and it’s true with sprinkler system installations too.

Aquamax is competitively priced, so we aren’t the cheapest option out there, but we make it our goal to deliver you the best value you can get for your dollar. We have one of the best reputations in Hurst and the DFW metroplex, and here’s the evidence to support that claim:

1. A+ rating with the BBB after serving 30,000. Go ahead and look up our rating online, or give the BBB a call. We’ve served 30,000 people in the area since 1998 and still have a perfect rating with the BBB to show for it.

2. We’ve won many awards from reputable organizations. With all of these awards for our irrigation and drip system installation services, it’s important to recognize that the only way you can win the award is by providing the best service in the industry. Each organization contacts as many of our customers as they can, scores their feedback, and then hands out an award to the top-scoring companies. Here are some of the awards we’ve won:

1. Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner (2008-13)
2. Rain Bird Gold Select Contractor (awarded for a high degree of professional integrity and extremely water-efficient sprinkler system designs)
3. Home Services Review Five Star Rating
4. Ribbon Award Winner from Best Picks Reports
5. Smartguy.com Best Rated & Recommended
6. Consumer’s Choice Award Winner (2006-07, 2012 – the only 3 years they gave the award)

3. 22 people willing to serve as references. In reality, we have many more willing to recommend our sprinkler system installation services. On our website, there are 22 willing to allow you to contact them. Feel free to ask us for more if needed.

4. Plenty of testimonials. They’re available in the testimonials section of our website. You’ll find 6 video and 6 written testimonials discussing the quality of our sprinkler system installation services.

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