Irrigation System Installation Done Right the First Time

What’s your main concern when contacting a company to install a new sprinkler system?

You probably actually have several, including:

– Does that company have the skills and experience needed to do a good job?
– Do other third parties give this contractor a good rating?
– Have they operated in your local area for a long period of time?
– Do they do good quality work the first time around?
– How many references and testimonials do they have giving evidence of their workmanship?
– Do they back up the quality of their workmanship with warranties or guarantees?
– How many customers have used their sprinkler installation services?
– How do you know if they do good quality work?

It’s tough to identify a reliable contractor that offers any kind of service. You have to check all of the above factors before even considering which company to hire.

How Aquamax Gives you a Quality Sprinkler System Installation the First Time, Every Time

We pride ourselves in doing the best quality work on each and every sprinkler system installation. It’s one of many reasons we’ve maintained an A+ rating with the BBB after having served more than 30,000 customers.

Here’s what we do to make sure you get the best sprinkler system for your dollar each and every time:

1. Give you a FREE quote after sketching a layout of your home’s yard and garden. No two yards and gardens are exactly the same. That’s why we need to visit yours in person to get an exact understanding of your watering needs. Each irrigation system installation requires separate zones. Each also needs proper water pressure, nozzle spacing, and the right hydraulics.

After we sketch a rough layout of your home and yard, we make a precision computer drawing that shows the exact layout.

2. Guarantee 100% coverage for your lawn and garden. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Your entire lawn and garden get the water needed to stay green and healthy year round. You simply cannot do this on your own. Holding the hose yourself, or installing a lawn sprinkler simply won’t give a precision level of coverage like a programmable sprinkler system.

3. Let only hired, licensed, and experienced professionals do the work. We do not hire subcontractors – ever. Only licensed professionals oversee your sprinkler system installations. Those below them may not have their licenses, but they are supervised by those who do have them. And, our core employees do have more than 100 years of combined experience. Every irrigation system installation we perform is in good hands.

4. Use only the best quality parts. Rain Bird far and away makes the best parts for new irrigation and drip system installations. Their MPR sprinkler nozzle, for example, matches the rate at which precipitation falls, which uses 30% less water than the next leading sprinkler nozzle. They also make the most durable, reliable, and efficient sprinkler system parts. Yes, they cost a little more up front, but you save on maintenance and repairs down the line.

5. Our sprinkler system installations do not leak or have freezing pipes that burst. A master valve is outfitted with each and every sprinkler and drip system installation. This takes much of the pressure off the main line, so leaks are eliminated. During the cooler months, almost no water is left in the main line, which eliminates the chance of frozen and bursting pipes.

6. Install a wireless rain/freeze sensor, so your lawn never gets watered at the wrong time. You don’t need more water sprinkled onto your lawn during rainy weather, and you also don’t want your sprinkler system installation watering when the temperatures are freezing outside. A wireless rain/freeze sensor detects these weather conditions, and shuts off your sprinkler system accordingly.

Why Choose Aquamax for Your Irrigation & Drip System Installation?

Now you know why our irrigation system installations are so good, but here’s a few other reasons more than 30,000 customers choose our sprinkler system installations:

1. A+ rating with the BBB. Feel free to check our reputation out online – it’s still an A+ even though we’ve been in business since 1998 and have served more than 30,000.

2. Award-winning service and business integrity. Angie’s List, Rainbird,, Good Contractor’s List, Best Pick Reports, and Home Services Review have all given us awards for our quality of service and professional integrity. You cannot win these awards by influencing the right people. Rather, they call your customers, interview them, and score their feedback. The companies with the best scores win the awards.

3. All work is warrantied. And we honor our warranties! Seriously, though, you have to work with a company that actually honors them (this doesn’t always happen). New sprinkler, irrigation, and drip system installations come with a 3-year warranty, and all repairs are warrantied for 90 days.

If anything within those timeframes (and our responsibility) fails, we will fix it at no additional cost to you. How else do you think we maintain an A+ rating with the BBB?

What Else Does Aquamax Do?

If it waters your lawn or garden, we probably do something with it. Aquamax also offers sprinkler, irrigation, and drip system repair, and also drainage system repair (but not installation).

While our lawn irrigation system installations are designed to last for years, the reality is they’re mechanical, and they will require maintenance at some point in time.

Your sprinkler system could experience problems like:
– A single zone flooding
– Not enough water coming out of the sprinkler head
– Sprinkler system leaks
– Broken or bent pipes
– Unusually low water pressure
– An electronic programmer that no longer works
– Any other problem you run into

If you need a sprinkler, lawn irrigation, or drip system repair, let us know. We do charge to diagnose the problem, but you can apply that cost toward the cost of your repair if you have us do the work.

Get Your FREE Sprinkler System Installation Quote Today!

New installation quotes, however, are always FREE. You’ll learn exactly what your lawn needs and why. It takes about a day to perform the installation, but it can take up to 2 if you have a large lawn.

Contact Aquamax Sprinkler Systems online, or call us at 972.429.0460 for your FREE quote.

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