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When you have a sprinkler system installed, it’s best to use a highly-rated, experienced, and professional company. You might be surprised to know that installing sprinkler systems is a very technical practice.

Install a sprinkler system too low to the ground, and the head can’t pop up above the turf and water your lawn. Then, some of your grass turns brown and dies. Grass can also block the water and cause flooding near the sprinkler. Soil could also enter into the head and cause mechanical problems, resulting in frequent and costly fixes.

You can also experience problems when sprinkler heads are installed too high. You can damage them with your lawnmower. Vandals might want to break them. Visitors can also trip on them, exposing you to liability.

Another problem that happens when an inexperienced professional performs the installation is incorrect head spacing. If heads spray water over a given area, it looks good to the untrained eye. However, this could result in uneven lawn color or brown patches. The proper way to install heads is to set each head up so it the water just touches the adjacent head when thrown.

These are just some of the problems that can result if you use an inexperienced sprinkler system contractor. All of them are costly to fix, and the longer you let them happen, the more they cost!

Aquamax Has Been Installing High-Quality Irrigation, Drip, & Sprinkler Systems Since 1998
We do it right the first time.” This simple slogan describes our approach to sprinkler repair and installation.

Although we’re competitive on price, which is important, we are not the cheapest contractor in Farmers Branch. But if you pay more to do it right the first time, you save money on long-term maintenance and repairs.

Here are a few things about us and that we do to make sure each and every drip and sprinkler system installation is a quality one:

1. Our core employees have 100 years of combined experience. We never hire subcontractors to do any of your work. You always get a professional who’s very familiar with sprinkler system installation and repair. All employees working on new installations are supervised by a licensed technician. Any employee who performs a repair carries a license himself.

2. We warranty all of our work. All new drip, irrigation, and sprinkler system installations come with a 3-year warranty, while all repairs are guaranteed for 90 days. In the rare event you have a problem with one of our systems that falls within our responsibility and one of these time-frames, we’ll make the fix for you at no additional cost.

3. Custom designs for your unique yard. We offer FREE estimates for all new installations. To make sure your lawn stays healthy and green year round, we have to know its exact configuration. Our professionals visit your yard in person and note its layout. This is then entered into a computer drawing, which helps us determine the number of zones needed, the right water pressure, any planting areas you might have, and the necessary hydraulic calculations.

4. We use only the best quality parts. Rain Bird is the leading producer of drip, irrigation, and sprinkler system parts, and the next competitor isn’t even close. Rain Bird’s parts are much more reliable and durable than the competition’s. And they’re more efficient too. This saves you money on your water bill, and repairs don’t need to be made nearly as often.

5. Leaks and freezing pipes are eliminated. A master valve is installed in every system, which takes water pressure off the main line when it’s not in use. This eliminates the possibility of leaks. The pipes also will not freeze because almost no water is left in the main line when not in use.

6. 100% coverage is guaranteed for your lawn. If any area of your lawn does not get the correct coverage, it gets susceptible to becoming dry and brown. However, because of our experience installing sprinkler systems and use of computer drawings, your lawn gets 100% coverage every time.

But Don’t Take Our Word for It – Talk to Our More than 30,000 Satisfied Customers
I have used Aquamax for a number of years, and I have always been very happy with their work. I would recommend them to anybody that needs their service,” – Mr. D.P.

And we have thousands of client references just like this one. Because of our ability to provide professional service and sprinkler, drip, and irrigation systems that meet our customer’s needs for years into the future, we’ve earned numerous distinctions, including:

* A+ BBB rating
* Rain Bird Select Contractor (Recognizes our water-efficient designs and high integrity within our business)
* Angie’s List Super Service Award 2008-2013
* Good Contractor’s List Member
* Consumer’s Choice Institute Honoree
* Five Star Rating from Home Services Review
* Best Rated and Recommended

It’s important to note that all of these recognition are based on consumer feedback. The companies contact our customers and those of our competitors, and then give everyone a score. The highest scores receive awards. You cannot buy these honors or get them by knowing the right people.

How to Find Problems with Your Sprinkler System Installation
Some sprinkler system problems are obvious, while others are not. Here are some easy steps you can take to see if there are any problems, and what their cause could be:
* Check the controller and see if it’s set up correctly or if the schedule was changed.
* Look for erosion, holes, and wet spots where water gathers.
* Turn the system on and look for geysers or water gushing out from under the sprinkler heads.
* Call your water utility. They won’t diagnose the problem, but they will tell you if there’s something unusual about your water meter reading.

If You Find a Problem, or You’re Not Sure What’s Happening, Call Aquamax at 972.429.0460
We will check the problem out and let you know what’s going on. There is a charge for this service, but you can apply the charge toward the cost of the repair if you have us do the work.

Don’t let your sprinkler system waste more water or your lawn experience disastrous brown spots. Instead, call Aquamax at 972.429.0460 and keep your lawn green and healthy all year long!

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