Want the Greenest Yard in Town?

All you have to do is have a new sprinkler system installation performed. If you’re like most homeowners though, you’re a little bit skeptical about what one will do for your lawn and garden. And that’s okay. So let us tell you what a new sprinkler system installation does for you:

1. Waters your lawn and garden so you don’t have to do any of it yourself. Now, the issue with the watering most homeowners do is that it isn’t very effective for their yards. If you hold the hose or attach a sprinkler or other watering device to it, that does not give your entire lawn the full coverage it needs. In fact, many areas will not get the right amount of water.

And, you might not be watering your lawn at the right time of day. The best time is from 4-6 AM because the sun isn’t so high that it evaporates most of the water. And if you water later at night, much of the water pools, which can cause harmful mold and mildew to grow.

2. Gives your lawn 100% coverage. Your entire lawn gets covered with a new sprinkler system installation. Yes, you can cover your entire lawn with the hose too, but does it all get the right amount of water? Most likely, this doesn’t happen, and instead of a green, healthy lawn, you get areas with dry, brown spots throughout the summer.

3. Waters both your lawn and garden just like rain does. Modern sprinkler systems are pretty high-tech. Today, they have this feature called “matched precipitation rate,” which means they water your lawn at the same rate rainfall does. That’s the healthiest method of watering for your lawn and garden.

4. Works reliably for years. You have to be careful with this, though, because not all contractors build sprinkler systems with high-quality parts. It depends highly on the company you hire, but if you hire one with experience and a track record of ecstatic customers, you’ll get a long-lasting sprinkler system.

When you start the price discussion, we recognize it’s important to consider how much you’re going to pay. On the other hand, you shouldn’t pay for the cheapest sprinkler, drip, or irrigation system possible. What happens is you’ll end up paying much more for maintenance and repairs over the life of the system. If you pay for a high-quality system up front, it lasts longer and costs you less because it doesn’t need as much maintenance.

Our systems can cost anywhere from $3000 – $5000, with $3500 being the most typical cost. Your irrigation system installation might cost more or less, depending on what we find when we analyze your yard and garden.

Why Hire Aquamax to Perform Your Irrigation, Sprinkler, or Drip System Installation?

As we’ve hinted at, there’s a number of contractors throughout Denton who offer sprinkler, irrigation, and drip system installation just like we do. So why choose us?

To be honest, we have one of the best reputations in the metroplex. Here’s how you can go about verifying it for yourself:

1. Contact the BBB about our A+ rating. We have a perfect A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau after having served more than 30,000 customers. Feel free to call the BBB directly or visit their website to check out our listing.

2. A long list of awards from reputable companies for our service excellence. It’s important to note that you cannot win these awards by influencing the right people with money or schmoozing. Each of these organizations only gives awards based on the feedback they receive from talking to as many of our customers as possible. Of all the organizations considered for an award, those that win have the best feedback as scored by each organization.

These are some of the awards Aquamax has won:

1. Angie’s List Super Service Award from 2008-2013
2. Gold Select Contractor Awarded by Rainbird (They give this award to companies who conduct their business with high levels of integrity and who have highly water-efficient sprinkler system designs)
3. Ribbon Award Winner from Best Picks Reports
4. Home Services Review Five Star Rating
5. Consumer’s Choice Award Winner – 2006-2007 & 2012 (These were the only three years they gave the award to companies in our category)
6. Best Rated & Recommended by Smartguy.com

3. 22 people willing to serve as references on our website. Visit our references section, and feel free to call anyone’s number you see posted on there. There are 22 to choose from, and if you’d like some others, ask when you talk to one of our professionals.

4. Testimonials. All you have to do is visit the testimionials section of our website to view 6 video and 6 written testimonials.

How Do Drip Systems Work?

You know all about sprinkler and lawn irrigation systems. But have you heard of drip irrigation systems?

They’re specially designed for watering plants in your garden with a great level of precision. They use small, quarter-sized emitters that drip water directly to the roots of your plants. Every plant gets the exact amount of water it needs at a perfect rate.

Drip irrigation systems work much better than sprinklers for watering your plants. Sprinklers toss the water about, which means a large percentage of it is not getting distributed to the roots of your garden’s plants.

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