Who Should You Trust to Do Your Next Irrigation or Drip System Repair?

Your sprinkler system has been operating flawlessly for years. You don’t even have to think about it most of the time. You set the programmable control, and forget about it. When the seasons change, you might have to change your watering schedule a little, but that’s about it.

Now, though, something’s seriously wrong with your sprinkler system. You might be experiencing a serious leak and flooding in one of your zones. Maybe your sprinkler system doesn’t throw the water far enough. Or, maybe no water gets thrown at all.

All sorts of fears pop up in your mind. Now you have to find a contractor to repair your irrigation or drip system. Will that contractor:

– Charge you a fair price?
– Get the problem fixed right the first time?
– Show up on time?

All that depends on which sprinkler or drip system repair contractor you use. Some are impeccably honest and give you good service every time. Others are not. How can you tell the difference BEFORE you hire the contractor?

All you have to do is check their credentials. Learn what makes Aquamax Sprinkler Systems Coppell’s leading sprinkler system repair contractor:

1. Aquamax gets it right the first time. It takes years of experience to learn how to do the job right the first time. Aquamax has been in business since 1998. Our core employees have more than 100 years of combined experience. All professionals performing sprinkler system repair are fully licensed before doing any work.

2. Only high-quality parts are used. You can always use cheaper parts, but you get what you pay for. It’s just like buying a cheap car. You get a low price up-front, but you pay more over the life of the vehicle because of the repairs. We use only the highest quality parts so you don’t have to make that irrigation system repair and see us again.

We only use parts from Rain Bird. Not only are they the most reliable and durable, but they’re the most water-efficient too. Their MPR sprinkler nozzle uses 30% less water than the next leading nozzle. When you compare Rain Bird to the competition, it’s way ahead.

If we have to replace wire connectors, the ones we use are underground-rated, waterproof, and silicon-sealed. This protects your wiring from corrosion, damage, and additional repair. If you go the cheap route, you can use tape or regular wire connectors. But again, they’ll need to be repaired in the future.

3. A+ BBB rating with more than 30,000 customers served. More than 30,000 residents in the Coppell area and DFW metroplex have been served by Aquamax. We’ve given such an excellent level of service when providing sprinkler and drip system repair that we’ve managed to keep an A+ rating since 1998.

4. We’ve won multiple awards from notable organizations. You can only win these awards by providing consistently excellent customer service. These organizations contact customers directly and score their feedback. The companies that score the best win the awards.

Here’s just a few awards we’ve won:
– Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner (2008-2013)
– Consumer’s Choice (2006-2007, 2012 – the only years they awarded businesses in this category)
– Good Contractor’s List Member
– Rain Bird Gold Select Contractor (awarded for professional integrity and water-efficient sprinkler system designs)
– Best Picks Reports Ribbon Award Winnder
– Five Star Rating from Home Services Review
– SmartGuy.com Best Rated and Recommended

If you need a sprinkler, irrigation, or drip system repair, contact Aquamax online, or call us at 972.429.0460.

We do charge to quote irrigation system repairs, but you can apply the cost of the charge to the total cost of the repair if you have us do the work.

Most repairs take 1-2 hours to complete and cost $150 – $200. Your repair may take more or less time, and could cost more or less, depending on the circumstances surrounding the situation.

Aquamax Also Offers New Sprinkler and Drip System Installations

It’s great to have a reliable, trustworthy contractor who can repair your sprinkler system. But what if you want a new one installed from scratch?

We can take care of that too. If you don’t have a sprinkler system, here’s why most homeowners choose to install one:

You never have to think about watering your lawn or garden. The best time to water is from 4-6 in the morning. But, if you’ve got everything programmed properly, you don’t have to worry about water your lawn at all.
You don’t have to do any work. No more holding the hose. You don’t have to pick up the sprinkler and move.
Your entire lawn stays green and healthy. Our new sprinkler system installations cover 100% of your lawn – guaranteed! You won’t find any unsightly (and costly) dry brown spots to repair during the middle of the growing season.

There is an upfront cost for your new sprinkler system installation. The typical range is from $3000 – $5000, and most systems cost around $3500.

Although this might surprise you, most homeowners who actually have a new irrigation or drip system installed wonder why they haven’t done it sooner.

We also perform lawn installation, and repair drainage systems too (but we do not install them).

Get Your FREE Sprinkler System Installation Quote Today!

To make sure you have the perfect sprinkler system installed, we need to visit your home and understand the layout of your lawn and garden. Then, we take this information and create a precision computer drawing that lays the sprinkler system out perfectly for your property.

We’ll answer all your questions, too.

There’s absolutely no obligation to purchase. Just contact us when you’re ready for your new sprinkler system installation. Get your FREE quote by contacting us online or call us at 972.429.0460.

We serve Coppell, TX, and the entire DFW metroplex.

Make sure you stop by our website regularly and check out our monthly specials.

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