Fast, Long-Lasting Drainage Repair

Your drainage system plays a critical role in keeping your home’s foundation dry. It’s designed to take all that water that might flow towards your foundation and divert it safely away.

If your foundation gets too wet and begins to bend, bow, or crack, bad things can happen. It always leads to more damage to the rest of your home. Your window and door frames will bend, and even break. If you let your foundation go, knowing that it’s already bending and bowing, that can eventually cause catastrophic damage, like your roof caving in.

Okay, so it takes many years before that actually happens. But you get the point: you want to make sure your drainage system performs its intended purpose. So if you need a drainage repair, you should have it taken care of immediately.

But if you need a drainage repair, and you’re in the Bedford, TX area, who should you call?

After all, there’s many contractors to contact.

Aquamax Gets Drainage Repair Done Right the First Time at a Price You Can Afford

There are many reasons you should have us take care of your drainage system repair:

1. Every repair is done right the first time. That’s right – we do every repair right the first time we visit your home. In the rare event this does not happen, you are covered by a 90-day warranty.

2. Only our own licensed, experienced professionals do your drainage repair. We never hire subcontractors – ever. Our core employees have greater than 100 years of combined experience performing drainage repair. Every repair is in great hands.

3. We have an A+ rating with the BBB after serving 30,000. Aquamax has been in business serving Bedford, TX and the DFW metroplex since 1998. Feel free to call the BBB and check up on our perfect A+ rating.

4. We’ve won multiple awards from reputable organizations for our services. Make sure you keep in mind that you can only win these awards by providing excellent service. You cannot buy these awards or influence the right people to give them to you. Instead, these organizations contact as many of your customers as possible, score their feedback, and then give awards to the top companies.

Aquamax has won these awards:

1. Angie’s List Super-Service Award 2008-2013
2. Rain Bird Gold Select Contractor (only given to businesses with a high level of professional integrity and very water-efficient designs)
3. Best Picks Reports Ribbon Award Winner
4. Five Star Rating from Home Services Review
5. Best Rated & Recommended
6. Consumer’s Choice Award Winner 2006-2007 & 2012 (the only years they gave out the award to businesses in our category)

5. 22 customers willing to act as references. There are many more happy to talk with you if you would like to call them. But, you can find the contact information for 22 of our customers in the references section of our website.

6. Many testimonials. We have 6 video testimonials and 6 written testimonials on our website.

7. We only use quality, long-lasting, and water-efficient parts. We use Rain Bird parts, which are the best in the nation hands down. Their MPR sprinkler nozzle is 30% more efficient than the competition’s, for example. Our employees also arrive in fully stocked vans, so they never have to drive around trying to find the right parts and tools, wasting your time and costing you money.

So as you can see, we have a great reputation in the area. If you need a drainage repair performed, call us at 972.429.0460 or contact us online.

We do charge to take a look at the needed repair and give you the correct diagnosis and cost estimate. However, you can apply that cost toward the cost of the repair if you choose us to do the work.

Most drainage, sprinkler, and drip system repairs cost between $150 – $200 and take 1-2 hours to complete. Yours could take more or less time and could cost more or less, depending on what our drainage repair professionals find. Please be understanding of that if we come and visit you.

Aquamax Offers Sprinkler, Irrigation, and Drip System Installation Too

Besides repairing sprinkler, lawn irrigation, and drip systems, we install them too.

Most homeowners are somewhat skeptical when they first hear about sprinkler system installation.

However, once they have one installed, they wonder why they didn’t have it done sooner.

Here’s why Bedford, TX residents love their new sprinkler system installations:

1. The sprinkler system does all the watering automatically for you. Every sprinkler system installation comes equipped with an electronic programmer. You never have to think about watering your lawn or garden – ever. The electronic programmer turns the water on at the optimal times of day.

2. Your lawn and garden get 100% of the coverage they need. Can you really tell how much water your lawn and garden are getting when you water them by hand, or with a sprinkler attached to a hose? You can’t with precision. And sometimes that means dry brown spots start showing up on your lawn during middle and late summer (which costs you more to treat) Our sprinkler system installations are precisely designed to make sure your lawn gets 100% of the water it needs to stay green and healthy – nothing more, nothing less.

3.Your lawn and garden stay green and healthy year round, without you having to think about either.We install wireless rain/freeze sensors. When it’s raining or freezing outside, your sprinkler system will not turn on. You literally have to program your new sprinkler system installation just once.

Get Your FREE Sprinkler System Installation Quote Today

We will visit your home and give you a FREE quote for new sprinkler, irrigation, and drip system installations.

All you have to do is call us now at 972.429.0460 or contact us online. The quote is yours FREE – there’s absolutely no obligation to purchase.

…And don’t forget to stop back often to check out our monthly specials.

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